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What to Wear Under Thobe?

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We all have witnessed the graceful eternity reflected in the typical attires of Arabian culture, particularly thobes, which signify purity, virtue, and honorable moral qualities. Do you also want to know if you need to wear anything under these full-length dresses covering the feet? What to wear under thobe? What types of underclothes do Arab men choose to wear? Do they vary concerning the changes in weather conditions? This blog is an all-in-one key to all such queries, and each aspect will be revealed with details. Let's dive in!

Introduction to Traditional Middle Eastern Fashion  

A thobe is an ankle-length robe with full sleeves commonly made of cotton and white in color, worn by Arabians of different countries. The names and styles of thobe vary with regional and slight cultural differences.

For instance, the natives of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, and Palestine call it Thawb or Tobe, and the term Kandūrah is used for the exact dress in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. You can even choose the best one for yourself from our Thobes collection. The typical dresses of Sudani and Egyptians, similar to such robes, are called Djellaba. However, djellaba is spelled in many ways and is sometimes considered unisex apparel. Get a modern look with Djellabas clothing and add elegance to your personality.

Some self-conscious folks must be anticipating if there's any need to wear socks or shoes with such garbs. If yes, what shoes to wear with thobe? Well, it depends on the place or event you'll be attending, and the diversity of footwear with thobes ranges from casuals to semi-formals and formals, which includes sleek sandals and brogue or monk shoes. Make sure both the dress and your footwear are monochromatic and could be of the same or different yet contrasting colors.

What to Wear Under Thobe? - Major Essentials  

A great deal of attention must be paid to a wide variety of gender-specific essentials while opting for the most suitable and comfortable clothing to wear underneath because the stuff with which thobes are made is often white in color, making it a see-through dress, which means that the material could make your body visible. That's why you need to ensure additional comfort and protection with the following great ideas on what to wear under thobe.

  • Undershirt

A thin, lightweight shirt made of organic cotton or some other sustainable material is a must-have for men to wear under thobes. It helps regulate the body temperature by absorbing sweat and provides additional protection by preventing sweat stains or discoloration.

  • Underpants

These are available in various clothing materials and styles, including briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. They are valuable clothing to wear under thobes. They are designed to protect your intimate parts from chafing and other types of skin irritation that could be extremely disturbing and uncomfortable.

Wearing full-length pants in summer could be annoying, and if you're thinking about 'can you wear shorts under thobe?'. The answer is yes, but pairing it with a breathable, light-colored t-shirt is recommended.

  • Flannel Shirts & Pants

Insulate your body in winter by wearing thermals or flannel shirts and pants because they provide warmth when it's highly frigid outside. You can also opt for Long Johns, available in various materials and styles; it could be half or full in length.

  • Tank Top

Choose gender-specific tank tops that are sleeveless and cut off at or below the waist. This light and breathable layer is accessible to everyone in diversity, and each has its own benefits. Make sure to opt for white color because other colors might be visible if you're going to wear a white colored thobe.

  • Socks

Most people neglect the significance of wearing socks while going out because they are unaware of the extent of skin diseases that might occur from a mere skin rash on foot, providing unlimited opportunity to countless harmful microbes to cause skin infections that may affect your overall well-being.

Socks are essential to wear under the thobe and every time while stepping out of your house because they prevent the formation of painful blisters and calluses on the skin while simultaneously controlling moisture and regulating temperature.


Each item described above and a lot more offers unique benefits to Arabians that provide protection and comfort in various weather conditions and even while performing physical or leisure activities. Guarding your self-effacement is essential in all aspects, and while searching about what to wear under thobe, three salient features of underclothes that you must take into consideration are their color, material, and visibility from under your modest robes.

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