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Thobes For Everyone

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Can Everyone Wear Thobes:

Thobes are adaptable clothing worn by people from many walks of life and cultures, making them a sign of inclusion and cultural respect. There are thobes for everyone, regardless of ethnicity or gender, providing a distinctive and exquisite alternative for individuals who value timeless and comfortable clothing. Accept the beauty of cultural interaction and express yourself via the global attraction of thobes.

Western Perception: Are Thobes for Everyone?

Welcome to Newarabia, a premier Thobe brand in the UK championing the rich heritage of Arabian clothing. Today, we explore the perception in Western society and how it's breaking stereotypes.

Historically, It is a traditional Arabian garment has often been misunderstood in the West. However, with increased cultural exchange and awareness, this perception is shifting. Our Thobe collection embodies the essence of this transformation, marrying tradition with contemporary style.

Cultural Ambassador

It is more than a garment; it's a cultural ambassador. It represents Arabian values, tradition, and heritage. As it makes its way into the Western fashion scene, it creates an opportunity for dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of Arabian culture. 

Great Fashionable Thobes For Everyone 

Can anyone wear a Thobe? Can a white man wear a Thobe? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, It's growing popularity among non-Arab individuals exemplifies the increasing inclusivity in the fashion world. It's a positive trend that our Emirati collection embraces wholeheartedly.

Fashion Shows and Celebrities

Seeing it on high-fashion runways and donned by celebrities has greatly contributed to shifting perceptions. As it gains recognition as a stylish and comfortable garment suitable for various occasions, it breaks free from the confines of stereotype. 


It's journey into Western society is an intriguing tale of breaking stereotypes and promoting cultural understanding. As a symbol of Arabian heritage, its acceptance in the West illustrates a growing appreciation for diverse cultures and styles. Explore this evolution further by visiting our collections at Newarabia.

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