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The Thobe: A Detailed Look at its Design and Craftsmanship

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Welcome to Newarabia, the home of designer Arabian clothing in the UK. We take pride in crafting traditional garments that encapsulate heritage, and today we invite you to take a detailed look at the design and craftsmanship of our iconic Thobe.

Thobe: A Symbol of Elegance and Simplicity

The Thobe, also known as thawb or dishdasha, is a shining example of simplicity and elegance. Its minimalist design, which traditionally includes long sleeves and a high neckline, embodies the values of modesty and humility in Arabian culture. To truly appreciate the craftsmanship, browse through our exquisite Thobe collection.

Design Elements of a Thobe

Though it may appear simple at first glance, the Thobe is a product of intricate design and detailed craftsmanship. The length, the relaxed fit, the hidden placket, the choice of fabric – each detail contributes to its overall elegance and functionality. For instance, our Linen Moroccan Thobe collection demonstrates the blend of traditional design with a unique fabric choice.

Crafting a Thobe: The Art of Precision

The crafting process of a Thobe involves an incredible amount of precision. Each cut, stitch, and seam is carefully placed to ensure a comfortable fit. The Thobe is not just sewn, but crafted, emphasising the role of skilled artisans in its creation.

Modern Innovations in Thobe Design

While maintaining its traditional form, the Thobe has also embraced modern design elements. Thobes now come in various styles and cuts, catering to the fashion-forward crowd without compromising on tradition. For example, the Thobes in our Emirati collection showcase modern design interpretations that resonate with today's generation.

The Thobe: A Testament to Quality

A Thobe is not just a garment; it is a testament to quality. From the selection of high-quality fabrics to the precision in stitching, a Thobe represents craftsmanship at its finest. Our Omani Thobe Dishdasha collection is an excellent example of this commitment to quality.


Understanding the Thobe means appreciating the painstaking process that goes into crafting each piece. It symbolizes a deep respect for tradition, quality, and skilled craftsmanship. Explore our collections at Newarabia and experience the remarkable design and craftsmanship of the Thobe first-hand.

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