Men Luxury Thobes

Men Luxury Thobes

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Since mediaeval Islamic attire began, thobes have stood as an embodiment of grace, humility and cultural legacy. Today they continue this legacy while evolving with times to meet contemporary Muslim gentleman's aesthetic while upholding tradition. At NewArabia we take great pleasure in offering a carefully selected collection of Men Luxury Thobes that redefine sophistication.

A Spectrum of Selections: From Traditional to Avant-Garde

NewArabia, the Best Thobes Brand in UK, recognizes each man is different; our vast collection of thobes caters for various styles and preferences.

Timeless Charm of Classic Thobes

For those who appreciate traditional apparel, our selection of impeccably tailored garments in various fabrics and hues offers timeless charm - offering formal occasions as well as everyday wear the confidence needed. These thobes exude understated confidence.

A Dash of Modernity 

For today's gentleman, we provide an assortment of thobes infused with subtle yet striking design elements that reflect modern life - like contemporary silhouettes, intricate embellishments and contrast hues - creating stylish attire while remaining true to tradition.

Travel Through Cultural Inspiration

We feature Moroccan thobes famous for their lavish ornamentation and vivid palettes; check out these distinct design motifs that characterise Moroccan Throbes to add exotic allure to your wardrobe!

Beyond the Thobe: Enhancing Your Luxury Ensemble

  • Formal Affairs: For formal engagements, pair your thobe with classic leather dress shoes in black or brown for maximum sophistication - opting for Oxfords/Derbies may exude these qualities while loafers provide a more relaxed aesthetic.
  • Modern Fusion: For an eclectic twist, pair sleek Chelsea boots or stylish high-top sneakers with classic clothing items for an eye-catching juxtaposition that conveys modernity and fashion-forwardness. 
  • The Final Flourish: An elegant scarf adds the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.
  • Winter Warmth: For added insulation during colder weather months, layer a finely knit turtleneck or lightweight sweater underneath your thobe for extra insulation. 

The Essence of Opulence: Materials and Artistry

At NewArabia, luxury is more than mere aesthetics; it entails an experience. Our thobes are handcrafted from premium fabrics for maximum comfort and drape. We select materials like pure cotton, silk blends and luxurious linens based on breathability as well as their ability to accentuate silhouette.

Each thobe we produce stands as evidence of our commitment to quality. From flawless stitching and luxurious finishing touches, each garment bears witness to expert craftsmanship that will be treasured by future generations.

Visit our Thobe Shop and find a thobe that complements your sartorial ensemble perfectly!

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