are luxury thobes expensive

Are Luxury Thobes Expensive?

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The traditional Arab and Islamic garment known as thobe has evolved beyond its humble beginnings to symbolize sophistication and refinement, yet luxury thobes continue to surface on the market - raising questions as to their worthiness with higher price tags attached. Are Luxury Thobes Expensive?

Luxury thobes follow a classic ankle-length design with long sleeves but stand out with premium materials and intricate details that set them apart from classic styles. These are made from fine fabrics like silk or Egyptian cotton and feature delicate embroidery with precious metal threads. They come in unique cuts with modern flare and offer personalized tailoring for a perfect fit.

The Price of Luxury

Luxury thobe prices depend on several variables: material choice, embroidery complexity and the brand's history and heritage. In general, they range between several hundred to several thousand dollars in cost; their traditional counterparts made from simpler fabric may cost as little as fifty.

NewArabia's Thobes Shop features Moroccan Thobes with intricate geometric designs or Emirati Thobes boasting elegant sleeve detailing for you to choose from!

Are Luxury Thobes Worth an Investment?

Determining whether a luxury thobe justifies its price tag depends entirely upon individual preferences and priorities.


  • Matchless Quality: Luxury thobes offer unmatched comfort, durability, and timeless styling. 
  • Long-Term Investment: With careful design and craftsmanship put into each luxury thobe, they become beloved wardrobe pieces over time - becoming staple pieces to be enjoyed for many years to come.
  • Distinctive Style: Boasting exquisite detailing and premium materials, the distinctive style makes a bold fashion statement.


  • Higher Cost: For many buyers, the price can impede purchasing luxury garments.
  • Delicate Care: Indulgent fabrics may need special consideration during cleaning and storage processes. 
  • Occasional Wearing: You might only wear your luxury thobe occasionally rather than daily like with more casual options.

Customer Reviews of Luxury Thobes from newarabia

Many customers who've invested in luxurious thobes from NewArabia rave about the significant difference in quality and sensation between standard thobes from the retailer and NewArabia luxury options; one satisfied client raved: 

“newarabia's luxury options are truly astonishing: It feels luxurious while looking breathtaking!"

Bottom Line

Luxury thobes represent sophistication and fine artisanship. While their price may seem prohibitive to some individuals, investing in these pieces may be worthwhile for those who value exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive design, and confidence-boosting attire. newarabia's Thobes Shop provides an expansive selection to meet individual style preferences and budgetary concerns so you're sure to find your ideal thobe here!

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