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Luxury Thobes | Best Luxury Thobes Brand in UK

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Since their introduction into Islamic menswear centuries ago, thobes have long symbolized elegance and tradition, becoming iconic symbols. Today they remain timeless staples that provide versatility as well as sophistication - but for those with discriminating tastes the allure of Luxury Thobes is undeniable.

NewArabia, your premier destination for Islamic fashion, presents an exquisite collection of luxury thobes in the UK. At NewArabia we recognize the subtler nuances appreciated by distinguished gentlemen - which is why our expert craftspeople meticulously craft every thobe using only premium materials for maximum precision and craftsmanship!

What constitutes a Luxury Thobe?

  • Premium Fabrics: Luxuriously soft yet breathable materials such as pure cotton or silk blends offer unparalleled comfort with their exquisite drape. 
  • Exquisite Details: Exquisite detail elements such as intricate embroidery, subtle pleating and premium buttons add an air of refinement that distinguishes the garment.
  • Flawless Tailoring: Our expert tailoring ensures an exquisite fit to flatter various body shapes. Our thobes offer just that what customers want!
  • Distinctive Design Elements: Luxury thobes frequently boast distinct design elements that set them apart, from subtle embellishments to contemporary cuts.
  • The NewArabia Luxury Thobe Brand

    Emirati Thobes

    Our Emirati thobes exude sophistication, handcrafted from top-tier fabrics for clean lines and understated elegance. 

    Oman Thobes

    Renowned for intricate embroidery details and vibrant hues, our Omani thobes add character and flare to any wardrobe!

    Moroccan Thobes

    Famed for their eye-catching colours and intricate detailing, Moroccan thobes make a bold statement when worn. Our selection is the ideal way to make an eye-catching entrance!

    Final Thoughts

    At NewArabia, we firmly believe every man deserves to project confidence and style. With our selection of luxury thobes, you can enhance everyday attire or leave an everlasting impression at any event!

    Browse our Thobes Shop now and find your ideal piece to express who you are as an individual!

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