how long thobe should be

How Long Should Thobe be?

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The thobe, a flowing garment synonymous with Islamic attire for men, embodies simplicity and elegance, providing comfort and practicality in diverse settings. However, amidst the array of styles available, one common query arises: How long should thobe be?

Deciding on the ideal thobe length is not a one-size-fits-all story because it depends on cultural norms and personal taste. However, just going through the options will make it possible for you to make the best choice.

The Islamic Teaching on Thobe Length

The Quran doesn't specify the length of a thobe but there are some hadiths (proverbs of Prophet Muhammad) that give some information. Normally, the thobe has to be of a mid-calf or ankle length. This length is in between practical with daily activities and a pleasant respectful look.

At the New Arabia, we build up the essence of the Islamic ethics. Our diverse range of thobe styles features lengths that gracefully reach around the ankle, ensuring adherence to these principles.

Cultural Considerations

Thobe length also carries cultural connotations. In certain regions, a longer thobe may denote formality, while shorter styles are favoured for everyday wear.

Catering to a global audience, New Arabia invites you to check out our eclectic thobe collection at our Thobes Shop, taking into account any cultural preferences you may have. Whether you seek a traditional or contemporary thobe, we offer options that resonate with various cultural sensibilities!

Personal Comfort and Style: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Thobe Length

In the quest for the ideal thobe length, your comfort and confidence take precedence. Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Height: Taller individuals may opt for a slightly longer thobe to maintain a balanced aesthetic.
  • Body Type: A longer thobe can create a streamlined silhouette, while a shorter style lends a modern touch, catering to different body shapes.
  • Occasion: Formal events may call for a longer thobe, while shorter styles suit casual settings with ease.

At New Arabia, we recognize the importance of personal style. Our diverse range of thobe lengths ensures that you can express your individuality with confidence.

Find Your Perfect Fit at New Arabia

With a focus on fashion and comfort, New Arabia provides a comprehensive size guide that comprises detailed information on the thobe length. Our customer service representatives are always ready to assist with your questions and concerns.

Visit our collection now and choose the Morrocan thobe that reflects your style and personality. With New Arabia, you'll effortlessly carry your Islamic attire with the perfect thobe length!

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