what is my thobe size

What is My Thobe Size?

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Thobe exudes elegance and tradition, but finding your ideal piece may prove challenging due to variations and no standardized size chart available for selection. It leads to a frequently asked question: What is my thobe size? At New Arabia, we aim to ensure confidence and comfort during this selection process by taking you through essential measurements for our size chart to help find an exact match for you.

The Thobe Measurements

Thobes come in all styles and measurements; two primary metrics stand out as most essential: length and width.

  • Length: It is key in defining how well a thobe fits you; traditionally this length extends down to your ankles but some prefer shorter styles for modernity.
  • Width: This refers to the chest circumference of a thobe. A well-fitting garment should allow easy movement while not becoming baggy over time.

Using Our Thobe Size Chart

New Arabia provides an easy-to-navigate thobe size chart on their website to simplify selection by considering both height and body type.

Here's how you can utilize our thobe size chart effectively:

  • Determine Your Height: To accurately gauge your height, stand up straight and measure from head to toe.
  • Consult the Size Chart: Locate your height range on the chart, which corresponds with an appropriate t-shirt size range (e.g. Medium-Large).
  • Consider Your Body Type: For individuals with wider builds, selecting one size larger from their recommended range can offer more comfortable results.
  • Tips for Utilizing the New Arabia Thobe Size Chart

    • Choose the Larger Size: When in between sizes, opting for the larger option ensures maximum comfort.
    • Consider Relaxed Fit: Our thobes are intentionally made for an easygoing silhouette; however, if you prefer slimmer silhouettes then choosing to size down may be best suited to meet your requirements.
    • Use Your Current Garments As Reference: Have an existing garment that fits well as a reference? Take measurements for its length and chest dimension to get an estimate on sizing for a new thobe.
    • Reach Out to Our Customer Service Team: Our attentive customer service agents are on standby to assist with sizing inquiries or offer insight regarding the styles that might interest you.

    The Bottom Line

    At New Arabia, our mission is to offer exceptional thobes that boost confidence and style. By following these tips and taking advantage of our resources, you're on track to finding your ideal size thobe!

    Visit our Thobes Shop now to check out our extraordinary collection of Morrocon Thobes!

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