White Thobes vs Dark Brown Thobes

White Thobes vs Dark Brown Thobes

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A staple in Middle Eastern attire, the thobe is a simple long loose garment that bears many cultural associations and symbolisms. This blog post will discuss whether white thobes vs dark brown thobes offer greater cultural or practical advantages. Both colors offer pros and cons when considering which hue you should purchase for yourself!

White Thobes Are Timeless Classics

White thobes have always been timeless classics; their colors symbolize purity and religious devotion. Worn at daily prayers, Friday sermons, Ramadan prayers or whenever necessary they represent an embodiment of faith while keeping wearers cool in hotter environments due to reflecting heat off them thus keeping one cool.

Dark Brown Thobes Offer Sophistication and Versatility

Dark brown thobes offer a distinct aesthetic from their white counterparts, exuding sophistication and formality that's ideal for special events like weddings. Their rich hue exudes luxury while remaining more forgiving against everyday wear with darker tones being less likely to show signs of staining as quickly than white alternatives - perfect for everyday activities!

Extensive Collection of White and Dark Brown Thobes at New Arabia

At New Arabia, our selection of white and dark brown thobes goes well beyond color alone. Here you will find an expansive collection in both shades - featuring variations in embroidery, fabric choices, and cuts; for instance, a simple cotton white thobe exudes different qualities than one made with luxurious silk embroidery; similarly, one featuring a mandarin collar creates more of an official vibe than a round collar version of any particular shade of brown thobes. Also, check out our Moroccan thobes!

Selecting the Perfect Thobe: White Vs Dark Brown 

To help make a decision easier for you, here's a comparison between white and dark brown thobes:


White Thobes

Dark Brown Thobes


Purity, cleanliness, religious devotion

Sophistication, formality


Daily prayers, Friday sermons, Ramadan

Special occasions, weddings, formal events

Practicality (Heat)

Reflects heat, keeps wearer cool

Less practical in hot weather

Practicality (Stains)

Shows stains more easily

More forgiving of stains


Less versatile for everyday wear

More versatile for everyday wear

New Arabia Selection

Wide variety in fabrics, cuts, embroidery

Wide variety in fabrics, cuts, embroidery

New Arabia Brings Tradition Alive 

No matter what style or hue best meets your needs, New Arabia provides an array of both white and dark brown thobes to meet them all! Check out our collection today and find something to match both your personal taste and cultural identity - visit our website right now to browse this traditional garment's rich legacy!

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