White Emirati Thobe vs Green Emirati Thobe

White Emirati Thobe vs Green Emirati Thobe

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Emirati thobes have long been an iconic aspect of Emirati culture and tradition, from their flowing silhouette and elegant drape to centuries of use adorning men in the United Arab Emirates. When selecting your ideal Emirati thobe at New Arabia Thobes Shop, we offer expert guidance so you find just the perfect style! 

Browse both options - White Emirati Thobe vs Green Emirati Thobe - while knowing all their distinctive qualities to find what will become your perfect look thobe!

Emirati Thobe's Timeless Elegance

The white Emirati Thobe has long been associated with elegance. Originating in hot climates where loose clothing was required for cooling purposes, its white shade reflected sunlight to help keep its wearer cool - an advantage that remains relevant today. White thobes can easily transform from formal occasions to everyday wear and even religious ceremonies without ever feeling out-of-place or outdated.

White holds deep cultural meaning in Emirati society, representing purity, peace, and simplicity - values highly prized by society members themselves. A crisp white thobe exudes sophistication and respect; making it the ideal option for formal gatherings.

The Rising Trend: Green Emirati Thobes

Over recent years, Emirati fashion has witnessed an emerging trend: Green Emirati Thobes. Though white remains the predominant hue, green thobes offer an eye-catching yet contemporary alternative - shades like emerald and olive allow men to express themselves creatively through style and personal expression.

Choose a green thobe as an expression of individualism - it allows you to stand out while remaining within Islamic tradition; green symbolizes paradise, renewal, and growth!

Which Thobe Color Should You Pick: White or Green


White Emirati Thobe

Green Emirati Thobe

Color Significance

Purity, peace, simplicity

Paradise, renewal, growth

History & Tradition

Classic choice, deeply rooted in Emirati culture

The modern trend, gaining popularity


Highly versatile - formal, everyday, religious

More suited for semi-formal and casual occasions


Excellent for hot weather (reflects heat)

No inherent advantage

Style Statement

Timeless elegance, sophistication

Individuality stands out from the crowd

Matching Accessories

Pairs well with all ghutra & aqal colors

Consider complementing the shade of green with ghutra & aqal

Personal preference and style play a vital role. Do you prefer timeless and elegant looks, white could be ideal; or for something with more character or personal expression consider green instead - both will complement traditional accessories like the ghutra and aqal perfectly to complete an Emirati ensemble!

Final Thoughts

Both classic white thobes and modern green options honor Emirati heritage and New Arabia offers an extensive collection of these garments (Morrocan Thobes) for you to select. Take part in tradition while showing your individuality; find one that speaks to you today and embrace your style - or find another type altogether that speaks directly to your tastes!

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