Grey Emirati Thobe Vs Brown Emirati Thobe

Grey Emirati Thobe Vs Brown Emirati Thobe

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Emirati Thobes are more than clothing; they represent cultural heritage and tradition in the United Arab Emirates. While traditionally made out of white or black fabric, today there's more variety when it comes to color options allowing more room for individual expression - grey and brown are two that stand out! But Grey Emirati Thobe Vs Brown Emirati Thobe, which one is better?

Grey Emirati Thobe: Timeless Elegance

The grey Emirati thobe exudes timeless elegance. With its neutral tone offering a classic yet refined style, this sophisticated outfit makes an impactful statement at both formal events and more casual settings alike. Fabric choices vary widely; linen may work for summer days while heavier wool options in deeper charcoal tones add formality for evening events.

Grey Shades of Distinction 

The spectrum of grey offers various degrees of formality. Lighter tones like dove grey project a more relaxed vibe that lends itself well for daytime gatherings; as the hue deepens towards charcoal it becomes increasingly formalized and suitable for more serious functions.

Completing Your Look

For the finishing touch on your grey thobe ensemble, visit the New Arabia Thobes Shop to purchase an eye-catching shemagh (headscarf). White or navy can add an unexpected element of character while adding another layer of sophistication with a bisht (cloak). When it comes to footwear options, classic black leather shoes add formal sophistication while leather sandals provide casual charm.

Brown Emirati Thobe: Earthy Sophistication

This Emirati thobe offers an earthy yet sophisticated alternative to neutral tones, exuding both groundedness and individuality - perfect for those wanting to stand out subtly yet make an impressionful statement!

A Spectrum Of Brown

Brown Thobes can come in all different shades and influence the overall style. Lighter shades such as tan create an informal and casual aesthetic suitable for everyday wear while deep chocolate hues lend it a more elegant atmosphere suitable for evening events.

Matching and Accessorizing

For your brown thobe, browse the New Arabia Thobes Shop in search of shemaghs in matching hues - cream or beige hues create an appealing appearance while crisp white adds contrast. Additionally, an ensemble may include shoes in shades ranging from classic black leather for formal occasions to more relaxed brown leather sandals for informal settings.

Selecting Grey and Brown Emirati Thobes


Grey Emirati Thobe

Brown Emirati Thobe

Overall Feel

Classic, sophisticated, versatile

Warm, earthy, individual


Varies by shade (lighter = casual, darker = formal)

Varies by shade (lighter = casual, darker = formal)


Formal occasions, business settings, casual gatherings (depending on fabric)

Similar to grey, with a touch of added personality


Light grey, dove grey, charcoal

Tan, camel, chocolate


Shemagh: white, navy

Shemagh: cream, beige, white


Complementary grey shade

A similar shade of brown


Black leather shoes (formal), leather sandals (casual)

Black leather shoes (formal), brown leather sandals (casual)

Your decision between grey or brown Emirati thobes ultimately hinges upon personal taste and event specifics; grey is timeless elegance while brown adds warmth. Before making your selection, keep your current wardrobe in mind as well as your desired formality level when making this important choice.

A Final Note

Grey and brown Emirati thobes provide sophisticated yet stylish attire for today's gentlemen. No matter your color preference, quality fabric, and tailoring are of utmost importance in creating a polished appearance. Check out our Thobes Shop to find a diverse collection of Emirati Thobes, Moroccan Thobes, and cultural garments made using superior materials with expert craftsmanship for you to try on today!

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