What is Oud Scent?

What is Oud Scent?

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Have you ever caught a breath of a mystery, enticing perfume that whisked you away to another world rich with history, tradition, and luxury? You may have come across the intriguing and enticing oudh smell. But what is oud scent? Also known as 'liquid gold,' oudh is a scent that has captivated people's hearts and senses for generations.

Let's dive into the realm of oud fragrance, investigating its origins, qualities, and the reasons for its ongoing appeal.

The History of Oudh

Oud is made from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, which grows in Southeast Asia, including India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The extraction of ouds is nature's miracle. It all starts when the Aquilaria tree becomes afflicted with a special fungal. As a result of the infection, the tree produces a dark and aromatic resin, which is gathered and processed into the beautiful perfume – oudh.

One of the primary reasons for the uniqueness and exclusivity of oud smell is its unique manufacturing technique. Oud trees are rare, and the infection required for oud production occurs in just a small fraction. As a result, oud is one of the costliest perfumes in the world.

Oud Scent and Its Popularity

Do you know what is oud scent and its reason for popularity? Let's discover its amazing qualities that make it hypnotise everyone's olfactory senses.

  • Cultural Significance
  • The Middle Eastern and South Asian civilisations have profound roots in the oud. It symbolises tradition and legacy since it is utilised in various rites, ceremonies, and festivities.

  • Luxuriousness and Royalty
  • Oud is frequently linked with luxury and exclusivity because of its scarcity and the rigorous procedure involved in its creation. As a result, it is highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.

  • Unique and Memorable
  • The peculiar aroma of oud is remarkable and creates a lasting impact. People who wear oud perfumes stand out in a crowd.

  • Emotional Connection
  • The rich and complex scent of oud frequently elicits intense emotions and memories, making it a personal and treasured choice for many.


    Learning about what is oud scent reveals its long history that has continued to attract people all around the world. Its distinct qualities and the ongoing appeal of New Arabia fragrances provide an unforgettable olfactory experience. Take a minute the next time you smell oud to appreciate the ancient and incredible talent that goes into crafting this liquid gold of the perfume world.

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