What is Oud Made Of?

What is Oud Made Of?

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Do you know what is oud made of? Oudh, or oud, is a deep, woody, and complex aroma obtained from the heartwood of the Aquilaria tree. The Aquilaria tree, which is native to Southeast Asia and includes nations such as India, Cambodia, and Malaysia, is essential in the manufacturing of oud. While the wood from this tree may look unimpressive at first glance, the change causes it to be so valuable.

The Origins of Oudh

The defensive system of the tree holds the key to the unique aroma of oud. When the Aquilaria tree is afflicted with mould or injured, it produces resin to defend itself. This resin becomes infused with the aromatic chemicals that give oud its characteristic scent over time.

This is a completely normal procedure that might take decades. The better the quality and scent of the final product, the longer the resin is allowed to grow within the wood. This lengthy maturity process of oud adds to its scarcity and high price.

Harvesting: What is Oud Made Of?

When the Aquilaria tree has produced resin, it is time to harvest and extract the valuable ouds. The extraction process is labour-intensive and highly specialised, requiring skill and experience to ensure the end product's quality.

  • Types of Distillation for Oudh Extraction
  • Water distillation and steam distillation are the two main ways of obtaining oud. The water distillation process involves immersing the wood in water and collecting the resin once the water has evaporated. In the steam distillation process, the resin is extracted from the wood using high-temperature steam.

    Both procedures have their unique characteristics and can produce distinct oud varieties. However, water distillation is typically considered more conventional and favoured.

    Challenging Oud Extraction

    Because of the growing worldwide demand for oud, Aquilaria trees are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. The unlawful and immoral oud trade has jeopardised these already vulnerable trees. To safeguard these unique resources and maintain the long-term availability of oud, efforts are being made to encourage sustainable methods and conservation.


    As consumers grow more aware of sustainable practices, it is critical to know what is oud made of, for which New Arabia supports ethical sourcing and conservation activities to maintain the long-term availability of this luxurious perfume. Understanding what oud is composed of and the complex procedure that goes into its extraction increases our appreciation for this unique aroma that has grabbed the hearts and noses of people worldwide.

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