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What Does a Djellaba Look Like?

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All cultures possess their go-to outfit, which their natives found the most comfortable, versatile, and fashioned in a variety of ways. If you’re thinking the same about what does a djellaba look like, this curiosity is justified because djellabas are a lot more modified than they used to be.

An attire, indiscriminate of gender, typically looks like an ankle-length robe with a hood and full sleeves, designed for you to wear either as the main dress or as an exterior protective overall dress. In Central and Eastern Algeria, djellaba is called qeššaba or qeššabiya, whereas tadjellabit is a Berberized form used among the mountain dwellers of Morocco.

A hooded Moroccan djellaba is one of the most popular forms of traditional clothing. It is a long gown-like dress that is available in all kinds of textiles, adorned in beads, elaborate stitching, lace, or mesh. Unlike other clothing that closely resemble such classic attires, djellabas stand out with the presence of big, pointy, and loose hoods, which are commonly referred to as kobb.

The Fascinating History of Moroccan Attire

Back in time, the Moroccan attires were simplest with neutral tones yet fascinating till today. Being deeply rooted in Berber culture, the traditional djellabas were primarily made of coarse wool, exclusively for men in monochromatic style with minimum stripes.

For instance, unprocessed wool from sheep was the preferred textile choice to weave Ait Khabbas Djellabas, while the brown and white checkered stripes were made of altering woven patterns. In addition to the authentic Berber djellabas, men also used to wear cloaks made of undyed wool, known as asilham.

The chromatic selection for djellabas originated from using white as a basic color which signifies purity, virtue, good fortune, and honorable good deeds. That’s why almost all the variants of such dresses for men are based on white, reaching up to creamy shades or lighter colors.

What Does a Djellaba Look Like?

Whenever one utters or hears what does a djellaba look like, the stereotypical picture that you imagine is a long, full-length, and loose-fitting attire exclusively for men, with a big pointy cap or hood. It was designed with the idea to be wearable on religious ceremonies and occasions. For a long time, it remained essential in the wardrobes of all the people of that age, status, or origin in Morocco until recently because now, it has been introduced with a varied style and functionality for men, women, and children.

With the advancement in the modernization of Moroccan traditions, djellaba became a symbolic enrichment of cultural heritage and national identity. It isn’t just a garment for the rural natives of the Berber region but a fashionable and iconic dress with countless modifications for all people of all ages and genders.

Innovations in Djellabas

The modern and trendy innovations in the djellaba collection have made it a popular choice among elders and youngsters alike. These garments have progressed from a symbol of manhood to one of liberation, to a sign bound to religious modesty, to what you count now as an exotic addition to the fashion industry.

The diversity demonstrated in the wide availability of fabric has made djellabas a friendly attire in all seasons. Lightweight and breathable textiles, such as cotton, suit the best in hot and humid climates, whereas silk, chiffon, wool, polyester, and polar fleece provide thermal insulation from extremely cold temperatures.

A big thanks to the Moroccan designers who also introduced all of us to errand-designed djellabas that you can wear when paying a quick visit to the neighborhood or going for groceries.

Rising from the ashes of the passé trend, the addition of beaded pearls, extravagant embroidery, sequins, sheer fabrics like organza or mesh, and tassels has fortified the urbanized djellabas with a mighty force of attractive contemporary Moroccan fashion.

Final Thoughts

The versatility and practicality embedded in going through what does a djellaba look like has made it a timeless garment that continues to be worn by not only Moroccans or Arabs but influencing other nations to add such magnificent attires, sewn concerning the seasonal changes in their closets that can be worn in accordance with the occasion to be attended.

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