How to Wear a Short Kaftan?

How to Wear a Short Kaftan?

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The era of Middle Eastern and North African fashion wardrobes has consistently evolved from traditional robes to modernised thawbs, caftans, and tunics. Knowing how to wear a short kaftan can instantly improve your style, whether at the beach, at home, or going out for a casual meal. The flowing silhouette, ease of styling, and a diversified array of designs make kaftans a must-have if you wish to be comfortable without losing flair.
Kaftan and relevant dresses are more common these days than they were before. You must have seen women wearing them as a regular outfit in their routine. The only essential feature of such attires is that they are loose-fitting – you can alter other aspects such as the presence or absence of sleeves, short or long length, solid colours or patterns, it's totally up to what you prefer!


Choose the Right Short Caftan

Before learning how to wear a short kaftan, selecting the style that suits you best is critical. Given the wide range of materials and designs available, choose something that complements your particular style and the event.

Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and chiffon, are ideal for daytime or beachwear, while luxury fabrics like silk or velvet may create a luxurious outfit.

How to Style Short Kaftan in the Daytime?

Mastering the art of casual style is essential for learning how to wear a short kaftan throughout the day. Short-length robes or tunics look great with jeans or fitted leggings. This combination gives a balanced contrast to the kaftan's flowing fabric. You can carry a comfortable yet elegant look with flat sandals or casual sneakers.

A partial-length kaftan style for the day can be enhanced with modest jewellery. A long necklace or a pair of hoop earrings might work wonders. A floppy hat and oversized sunglasses provide a boho-chic flair to the appearance.

Kaftan on Beach Parties!

Layering is the solution to how to wear a short kaftan to create a statement outfit for beach parties! You can also wear Moroccan kaftans as a beautiful bohemian cover-up over your swimwear. The light, breezy fabric will keep you cool, and the free-flowing pattern adds a subtle touch without being overwhelming.

Accessorise your beach-ready kaftan with simple flip-flops, a beach bag, and even a floppy hat for that Instagram-worthy sun-kissed selfie. Choose anklets or a thick bracelet to add a sparkling glow.

Styling Caftans for Night Out

Consider layering and accessorising when deciding how to wear a short kaftan for an evening out. A short caftan can be worn over a fitted mini dress as an external garment. If your kaftan is made of a luxury material, such as silk, it can also be worn as the primary costume.

The evening is the ideal time to be daring with your accessories. Statement necklaces, high heels, elegant rings, and a clutch bag may elevate your dashing look.

Practical Tips to Style Kaftan-Like Dresses

Stick to the following tips when learning how to style a short kaftan:

  • Belt it Up
  • Apply a belt to highlight your waist to achieve a more fitting look when wearing a short kaftan.

  • Layering
  • Too many layers may make an outfit appear bloated. When layering, be sure that each layer has a function.

  • Footwear Matters
  • The right kind of sandals or shoes can make or break an outfit. Choose your footwear based on the occasion: sandals for the beach, sneakers for the day, and heels for the evening.

    Final Thoughts

    Understanding how to wear a short kaftan may give your wardrobe a new depth. A short kaftan is versatile and may be worn for casual chic, beach glamour, or evening elegance. So, embrace this versatile outfit and infuse it with your fashion taste!

    Add New Arabia's Moroccan kaftan collection to your dreamy closets and keep styling with modest sophistication.

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