How to Style a Kaftan Dress?

How to Style a Kaftan Dress?

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The limitless diversity of a kaftan is a remarkable addition to your wardrobe and infuses your personality with voguish versatility. The flowing and loose-fitting robe-like dresses originated in the Middle East and have crossed ethnic barriers and become a global fashion classic, compelling you to learn how to style a kaftan dress to display utmost royalty.

In addition, becoming a pro at how to style a kaftan dress with jeans is vital whether you're searching for a trendy office outfit or hanging out with friends. Designing a luxurious and attractive costume for a special event will also expand your thoughts on how to style a kaftan dress for a wedding.

New Arabia leads you through their tremendous array of kaftans, particularly the Moroccan kaftan collection. It retains the art of boosting your attires with utmost modesty and elegance, enabling you to captivate millions of gazes.

How to Choose a Suitable Kaftan?

Before diving into how to style a kaftan dress, it is essential to contemplate its appropriability to wear in different gatherings. You must consider the event and your taste while selecting a particular style, length, and dress fabric. Choose a kaftan that fits pertinent to your figure and aligns with your alluring skin tone.

Accessorise with Voguish Introspection 

The type of accessories you're wearing can either make or break your thoughts on how to style a kaftan dress. Therefore, you should focus on the following options to harmonise the way you look:

Belt it Up

Steal the spotlight by adding a trendy belt on your waist over your caftan. It not only adds definition but also a sophisticated touch to your attire.

Splendid Jewellery

A caftan resembles canvas to which you can add your favourite pieces of spectacular jewellery. Long, bulky necklaces or large earrings may quickly transform your outfit. However, remember that one or two bold pieces are generally enough to uplift your appearance.


Select suitable footwear for the event you're going to attend. Flat or thick-sole sandals are ideal for a relaxed day out, whilst heeled sandals or wedges may spice up your kaftan dress for an evening occasion.

Play with Prints and Colours

One of the most appealing aspects of robe-like dresses is the variety of colours and designs. Experiment with various colours and patterns to match your mood and the occasion. The following are some helpful ideas to pump your attire's elegant modesty.

Solid Colours

Caftans in solid colours are classically adaptable and versatile. They allow you to experiment with different accessories and footwear. White, black, navy and earthy tones are traditional selections.


Floral, geometric, or abstract designs add flair to your partial- or full-length outfits. Keep the rest of your clothing and accessories basic when wearing a bright print.

How to Style a Kaftan Dress with Versatility?

Layering or stratifying the caftans allows them to be worn in different seasons. Here are some layering suggestions on how to style a kaftan dress:

Denim or Leather Jacket

Put on a denim jacket or a leather blazer for a sleek and edgy style. This is especially useful for chilly weather or evening activities.

Leggings or Tights

Pair your kaftan dress with leggings or tights to keep warm throughout the cooler months. To preserve a consistent appearance, choose complementary hues.

Stoles and Scarves

A lightweight shawl or scarf may lend a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Drape it over your shoulders for a refined appearance.

Makeup and Hairdos

Your haircut and makeup can make or break your dressing efforts. Here are a few ideas to level up your fashion:

Effortless Waves

Beachy waves enhance the tranquilised vibe of your dress. For the right texture, use a curling wand or salt spray.

Smokey Eye-look

Consider a smokey eye makeup look coupled with a nude lipstick shade for nighttime gatherings. It adds luxury to your clothing without overdoing it.

Updo Hairstyles

Try an updo like a bun or chignon for an elegant and refined look because it draws attention to your neckline and allows your dress to shine.

Final Wrap Up

Learning how to style a kaftan dress is an art that allows you to be expressive about your style and sense of fashion. You may create elegance by selecting the perfect outfit, sensibly accessorising, playing with colours and designs, and considering the occasion. Be bold and play around with layers, hair, and makeup to get a versatile appearance that aligns with your mood and the event you're going to. Moroccan kaftans and relevant dresses are a timeless fashion statement, and mastering their styling will make you a genuine fashionista. So, embrace the kaftan and let your style shine the brightest of all!

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