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How to Wear a Kaftan in Winter

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Have you ever wondered how to wear a kaftan in winter? The limitless innovations of the fashion industry add remarkable value to the worldwide popularity of kaftans. These are long, loose, and flowy dresses. Its features make them a staple to your wardrobes. Learning to style Moroccan thobes and kaftans in winter adds elegance to your casual and formal wear. Besides, it is easy to style them in Eastern and Western ways. You need to know how to do it in the right way.

Let’s be honest. Our cupboards are usually full of clothes, but we feel comfortable in very few of them. It’s also a fact that we desire to get a new dress for every upcoming event despite our wardrobes already being full of other attires. Instead of subjecting those outfits to dust, coupling them with suitable accessories or upgrading them saves you a lot.

Are Kaftans Gender-Neutral?

Back in time, These are used to be male-dominant, but now the tables have turned because the diversity is more inclined towards femininity. On the other hand, men are typically restrained to light or dull monochromatic hues, such as white, light brown, or sky blue.

These dresses are stitched in various fabrics, ranging from summer-friendly to make you feel airier and comfier and reaching to woolen versions, insulating you from frigid environments.

How to Wear a Kaftan in Winter?

Styling a kaftan in the summer is relatively easy, but learning how to wear a kaftan in winter is also a child’s play that anyone can master in no time. The following ways can help you style your kaftan like a pro.

  • Pair Kaftans with a Headwear

Sometimes, the extent of winters can be too harsh to cause a headache. If uncovered, the condition can worsen enough to make you catch a cold with severe migraine and even nausea or vomiting. Saving yourself from such seasonal harms while styling with elegance is also essential so you can enjoy the snowy weather at its peak.

Starting from the head, pairing it with headwear, such as a cap or scarf, is essential and extraordinary. Whether you wear boho, patterned or solid-coloured kaftans, they'll compliment your look. Focus on the colours of your attire and decide what hat or scarf suits you best. Besides, caps are essential to protect you in the winter season. If I were you, I’d prefer solid or bright headwear instead of printed ones. 

  • Appropriate Footwear with Caftan

Winters are not about exposing your beauty; instead, flaunting it with modest and elegant insulation. Regarding footwear, pairing it with closed shoes, such as high-heeled ankle-high or leg-high boots, would look best with formal kaftans. Sneakers or loafers would rock your attire for a plain or sober look.

For a more comfortable yet stylish look that saves you from cold, prefer stockings, leggings, or no-show socks of suitable fabric to keep your feet warm.

  • Pairing Eastern Caftan with Co-Ord Sets

Wearing a monochromatic shade of pants and a shirt is something you may prefer in winter but have you ever wondered how to wear a kaftan in winter with such minimal attire to upgrade the look?

Paired with high-heel boots, wearing a contrasting colour of open-front kaftan over solid co-ord sets is the easiest yet dashing approach to uplift your outfit enough to attend a professional meeting and captivate the audience.

  • Jackets and Coats with Kaftan

Jackets and coats are our priority in winter, whether they are types of denim or made of leather, wool, or cashmere. Close-front casual kaftans can be easily paired with denim, which creates a more versatile and dynamic look. Doing so will make you feel comfy and cosy yet decently graceful.


Now that you’ve got great ideas on how to wear a kaftan in winter and pair it with accessories, you can effortlessly uplift your appearance, whether slim or bulky. Full-length and open kaftans are recommended for a more casual and Western look. At New Arabia, you can also get your hands on the Moroccan kaftan collection. Please pay close attention to your hairdos and footwear as they significantly add finalized touches to your overall personality.

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