Do men prefer white Thobes For Special Occasion

Do men prefer white Thobes For Special Occasion?

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The timeless garment known as thobe (kandura or dishdasha in Arabic), is worn by men across Muslim nations. While its wide array of colors may make an impactful statement on special occasions, white tends to stand out. But, Do men prefer white Thobes For Special Occasion? Let us examine why!

Purity and Reverence in White

White symbolizes purity and reverence for Muslims worldwide, signifying piety and simplicity. Wearing a white thobe for special events shows respect and reverence to mark an auspicious occasion; donning one also heightens spiritual awareness that coincides with religious festivities or prayers; regional variations exist, yet white thobes remain an international cultural standard that unifies Muslims worldwide.

A Cool Choice for Warm Climates

Many regions where thobes are worn as everyday clothing feature warm climates; here, white stands out. Reflective sunlight keeps wearers cooler than darker fabrics that absorb it; making white thobes an excellent choice for extended gatherings or prayers that last a few hours such as Eid celebrations in summer weather, when temperatures can soar into double figures! A crisp white thobe provides a welcome respite from its heat!

White Thobes Have Gained Wide Popularity

White thobes have seen increasing recognition beyond special occasions; men now incorporate white thobes into their everyday wardrobes for comfort and style - reflecting this garment's lasting legacy with each passing season. This modern take on tradition showcases its lasting relevance!

Choosing Your Perfect White Thobe for Special Occasions




  • To stay cool in hot climates or attend winter events, choose lightweight fabrics like Egyptian cotton or fine linen.
  • For comfort during cooler climates or events such as concerts or conferences.
  • If you prefer structured drapes then select fabrics containing some starch content for optimal performance.


  • Choose an embroidery level appropriate to the occasion: for smaller gatherings.
  • Subtle threadwork might do, while larger events might benefit from intricate embroideries on the chest, sleeves, or down the front of a thobe.
  • When it comes to embroidery thread, be sure to choose something appropriate to either the event theme or personal taste. 
  • Gold or silver thread is classic but colorful thread can add flair.


  • Make sure your thobe fits appropriately to flatter your body type.
  • Avoid styles that are too baggy or constricting, such as having sleeves that reach just past your wrists or reach further past them.
  • The hem should ideally graze over the tops of the shoes.
  • Consider custom tailoring services to create a truly personalized look.

Celebrating with White at NewArabia

If you are looking for that ideal white thobe for an important upcoming special event, NewArabia offers an incredible collection of Moroccan Thobes featuring stunning designs and high-quality fabrics! It ensure you find one to fit both cultural significance and personal style - visit their Thobe Shop now and witness all that awaits in white splendor!

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