Are Collar Thobes Popular Among Men

Are Collar Thobes Popular Among Men?

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The thobe, a long, flowing garment worn by men living in Muslim-majority regions of the world, has long been considered part of men's attire in many regions. Due to evolving styles and cultural expression, however, a new trend involving collared thobes is emerging among men today and providing them with added sophistication for traditional wear. But, Are Collar Thobes Popular Among Men? 

Let us investigate this growing popularity among men of collared thobes!

Classic Thobe for Ageless Comfort

The classic thobe, typically featuring a round neckline and loose-fitting construction, has become synonymous with comfort in regions like the UAE and Oman. Perfect for everyday wear or social gatherings alike, its loose silhouette allows breathability making this style perfect for warmer climates - take a look at our collection of Moroccan Thobes here on NewArabia to find one you like!

The Collared Thobe: An Update on Tradition

The collared thobe adds formality and sophistication to traditional designs by offering variations such as stand-up collars or button-down styles, making it suitable for religious gatherings, formal events, and business settings alike. Particularly popular in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

Its popularity can be attributed to several factors; including providing an additional sense of sophistication while remaining comfortable while meeting the younger generation's demand for modern cultural attire. 

Why Collared Thobes are Gaining Traction?

Collared thobes have grown increasingly popular for several reasons: 

  • Practicality: For men living in colder climates, collared thobes allow easier layering with vests or jackets without compromising style - providing essential warmth without compromising fashion.
  • Modernity: Younger generations are drawn to the collared thobe's crisp aesthetic as a means to express cultural identity while wearing something fresh and modern.
  • Versatility: The collared thobe's adaptability makes it an extremely flexible piece, from formal events such as graduations or banquets to casual outings like sporting events or shopping trips. Fabric, color, and embroidery options give this classic piece the option of being dressed up or down!

Collared Thobes Reflect Dynamic Cultural Expression and Evolving Fashion

Collared thobes represent the ever-evolving nature of cultural expression and fashion, showing how traditional garments have been reinvented to fit modern sensibilities. No matter whether it is the classic comfort of the non-collared version or the sleek elegance of the collared variant, these clothing items remain powerful symbols of cultural heritage and heritage. NewArabia provides a selection of different Thobe styles and designs so visit our Thobe Shop today and find your ideal Thobe!

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