Cotton Moroccan Thobe Collection

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Our Gandouras are more than just attire – they are a tribute to the rich Moroccan heritage.

Experience the lush texture by wearing the simple Moroccan thobe. Wear them for special events and get a sense of uniqueness among others. 

Perfect for a stylish yet modest look

This thobe has two pockets and no slits at the bottom.

Check out our Moroccan Thobes collection toady!

Fabric : Cotton (Gabardine)
Composition: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
Construction: Woven
Made in morocco

For optimal care of your newarabia thobe, we recommend a cold wash. Gently hand wash or use a delicate cycle when cleaning, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and high-heat drying.
Our dedication to improvement means each newarabia thobe represents the best craftsmanship.

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