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Emirati/ Saudi Thobes Size Chart

Newarabia Emirati/Saudi Thobes Size Chart

Emirati and Saudi Thobe, traditional garments worn world widely, come with an inclusive size chart to ensure they provide a perfect fit. The chart typically measures length, width, sleeve length and collar size in order to accommodate various body types and preferences.

Thobe lengths range from ankle-length to mid-calf, making them suitable for various events and personal styles. Width measurements ensure maximum comfort and movement ease - reflecting cultural emphasis on modesty while remaining practical.

Sleeve length is key in creating the desired look and coverage. Thobe sleeves tend to be loose-fitting for airflow while maintaining modesty.

Collar sizes depend on individual preference and regional influences. Some people opt for a looser fit while others may prefer tighter collars to create an elegant appearance.

Consultation of an Emirati or Saudi Thobe size chart is key in choosing the appropriate size, taking into account factors like fabric type, cultural norms and personal style. With accurate measurements in hand, wearers can embrace tradition while enjoying comfort and elegance with their Thobe attire.