Why Is Perfume So Expensive?

Why Is Perfume So Expensive?

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The scent is undoubtedly irresistible and a confidence booster that instantly highlights your personality in a crowd of many. People spend too much money to add this luxury to their lives, but they have this question: why is perfume so expensive?

We have gathered some interesting facts about the high cost of perfumes, which will make you willing to pay for your favorite perfume.

Facts about why perfumes are so Expensive?

Here are some important factors that you should know about why perfumes are so expensive. 

1. Unique ingredients

The use of rare and challenging Ingredients is the primary factor that drives up the cost of perfumes. They can be essential oils derived from flowers, petals, wood, and some ingredients from specific parts of endangered animals like deer and whales.

 In the case of floral scents, vast masses of flowers are used to extract a small quantity of perfume oil. The scarcity of flowers, as some flowers bloom just once a year, can influence the cost of perfumes. The most expensive floral scents available are jasmine and Bulgarian rose.

The seductive and popular scent is produced by Oud oil, the most expensive ingredient obtained from the infected Aquilaria trees. This ingredient has become extremely expensive due to its scarcity and lengthy extraction process, as it takes many years to happen. Resins from the Aquilaria tree are considered as precious as gold. Some brands have launched the best and purest fragrances in the market for their users, like New Arabia

2. Attractive and luxurious packaging is also the critical factor why perfumes are so expensive:

Everyone has observed that the packaging of designer perfumes, especially with rare and costly ingredients, is attractive and mesmerizingly beautiful and can instantly grab the customer's attention due to strong shelf presentation. Perfume Bottles are exceptionally crafted to represent the luxury and quality of the perfume. Their label may contain gold or diamond to cast everlasting and memorable effects.

3. High budget marketing:

Many brands spend millions in marketing campaigns for their perfumes so that the public can come to know about their timeless and exotic perfumes, and this is another major factor in "why is perfume so expensive." Through expensive advertisements featuring the public's favorite celebrities on TV, in magazines, and in hoardings, they can grab customers' attention as celebrities play a vital role in the marketing campaigns of brands due to their strong association with the public and huge fan following.

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