Why do Arabs use Oud?

Why do Arabs use Oud?

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Oud, commonly called agarwood, has long been an integral part of Arab culture and history. Made of aromatic resin from Aquilaria trees, oud is highly valued for its captivating fragrance - due to its pleasant odor and because it has become part of cultural, religious, and traditional practices in Arab societies.

            Why are Ouds Popular in the Arab World?

Oud is more than a fragrance; it represents luxury, prestige and heritage in Arab societies. The distinctive and lush scent of oud embodies the region's lavishness and sophistication; oud can often be found associated with high-end perfumes and traditional attars used daily as part of daily life routines.

One key reason behind oud's popularity in Arab culture is its religious significance. Oud is mentioned frequently throughout Islamic texts and believed by some scholars to have been used by Prophet Muhammad himself in perfumes that contained oud. Furthermore, Arabs tend to incorporate oud into daily activities with reverence for spiritual connection - leading some even associating it with divine connection!

Oud has long been used as incense during religious ceremonies and special occasions. The aromatic smoke produced from its burning is believed to cleanse the air and create an auspicious environment - its importance having been passed down through generations within Arab households.

Oud is not only used religiously; it plays an essential part of Arab social customs as well. Hospitality is at the core of Arab culture, and oud's welcoming scent enhances home environments by warming guests up with hospitality. Oud can also be found as bakhoor scented wood chips that can be burned in incense burners for its aromatic qualities to fill living areas with its fragrance.

Oud's significance extends to special events like weddings and celebrations. It has long been customary to use oud-based perfumes and oils at these occasions for added elegance and tradition; choosing oud as part of these celebrations serves to honour its history while honouring enduring heritage.

Arab perfumers are well-renowned for their skill in crafting exquisite oud-based fragrances that blend oud with other precious ingredients. Oud scents have long been seen as statements of identity and personal style; its signature aroma remains popular with Arab consumers today and features prominently among their perfume collections.


 Oud is deeply embedded within Arab culture and history, religion and tradition. Its charming fragrance transcends sensory pleasure; rather it serves as an artistic form to bridge time while upholding an integral component of Arab identity.  Check out New Arabia Ouds Today at our online store. 

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