Why are thobes so expensive

Why are thobes so expensive?

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The thobe is an integral component of Muslim attire and is worn across multiple cultures by men from diverse backgrounds. But have you ever found it perplexing why prices can differ dramatically for this seemingly innocuous garment? Why are thobes so expensive? - From $50 up to over several thousand dollars depending on its features. Let us discuss the factors that impact its price so we can make your shopping journey less confusing!

The Range of Thobe Prices: A Spectrum of Choice

Thobe prices do not remain constant across the market; rather they vary greatly to suit different budgets and preferences. From everyday basic thobes at $50 through exquisite luxury pieces costing several thousand dollars; understanding why this phenomenon exists allows you to make informed choices. 

Factors Affecting Thobe Price: Taking A Closer Look

Various key factors contribute to the cost of a thobe:

1. Material

The fabric plays an essential part. High-grade natural fabrics like pure silk or Egyptian cotton cost more, yet provide superior comfort, breathability, and luxurious drapes making up for their higher price tags - check out these materials used in Moroccan Thobes at NewArabia Thobes Shop.

2. Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship can significantly impact pricing. Intricate embroidery, hand stitching, and complex designs that require skilled artisans are naturally more costly; simple machine-made thobes offer more economical alternatives.

3. Brand and Design

Established brands known for their heritage and quality typically command premium prices; similarly, designer thobes with distinctive cuts or embellishments or limited-edition collections may cost even more.

When Are Luxury Thobes Worth It?

Although affordability should always come first, investing in an expensive thobe may prove beneficial on special occasions such as 

  • Special Occasions: For grand events like weddings or religious festivals, a luxurious garment will enhance your presence and showcase cultural importance while creating lasting impressions at such events.
  • Premium Quality: If cultural significance holds great meaning for you, choosing a premium thobe made of quality materials and craftsmanship ensures it will endure through many years of wear and tear.

New Arabia: A Thobe For Every Need

The beauty of the thobe market lies in its variety of prices and styles; whether you seek an everyday piece or a luxurious statement piece, you are bound to find one to fit both your needs and budget. By understanding price factors that influence these prices you can make informed choices while appreciating the rich cultural legacy embodied within these timeless garments. Browse NewArabia for yourself to find one that best expresses both personal style and cultural identity!

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