White Moroccan Thobe Vs Black Thobes Which One Should I Wear?

White Moroccan Thobe Vs Black Thobes Which One Should I Wear?

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Are you a British native, perplexed over the complex differentiating factors of 'White Moroccan thobe vs black thobes which one should I wear?'. Your search ends here because New Arabia is at your service, presenting worldwide customers with an outstanding collection of Middle Eastern and North African thawbs, djellabas, caftans, and similar robe-like casual and formal attires to styling preferences of men, women, and children of all ages!

When the matter is about traditional Arabic dresses, thobes stand out as a remarkable icon of cultural history infused with contemporary modifications of today's time. These flowing flairs of ankle-length garments not only feel delightful but also hold the richness of historical and symbolic significance.

However, one typical quandary for those who wear tobes is, 'White Moroccan thobe vs black thobes which one should I wear?'. Both options retain their distinct appeal and convey distinctive essence. Let's dive into these intricacies and decide which one suits the best concerning the type of occasion you'll be attending.

Discerning Modest Attires for Men

Modest attires for men, particularly thawbs, represent purity, simplicity, and traditional richness. These clothes are often composed of lightweight, breathable materials, such as cotton or linen, making them ideal for hot climes. In contrast, robes made of polyester or wool are suitable in frigid weather.

In Middle Eastern culture, white is frequently linked with purity and cleanliness. Wearing a white robe represents a commitment to cultural values and respect for tradition.

Black tobes are exceptionally flexible and adaptable to be worn anywhere for a variety of situations, including everyday wear, formal events, weddings, and religious meetings. Both white's and black's simplicity allow you to accessorise and dress it in a variety of ways. They are comfortable due to the fabric used and the loose-fitting shape. Whether you're heading to a family reunion, a mosque, or just doing errands, this traditional outfit will put you at ease.

White Moroccan Thobe Vs Black Thobes Which One Should I Wear?

The event, your style, and your cultural preferences ultimately determine the choice between a white Moroccan thobe and a black Moroccan thobe. Here are some pointers to help you make the proper decision:


Take into account the event's formality. White dishdashas are appropriate for daily use, religious occasions, and family gatherings. Black tobes are more suited for formal occasions, business meetings, and premium parties.


Consider the climate of the region you're living in. White kanduras are perfect for hot, bright days because they reflect sunlight and keep you cool. With their insulating capabilities, black kanduras may be excessively hot under such settings.


Reflect on your style as well as the personality appearance you wish to convey. Choose white for a traditional, timeless style that pays tribute to heritage. If you want to make a dramatic fashion statement, black may be the perfect shade to put on.


Consider the accessories you intend to wear with your tobe. White robes provide a blank canvas for colourful embellishments, but black ones are more subtle and classy.

Cultural Significance

Be mindful of the colourful cultural importance in your community or country. Certain colours may have cultural or religious significance in specific areas.

The Bottom Line

Summarising the discussion on 'White Moroccan thobe vs black thobes which one should I wear?', it is concluded that there is no obvious winner in this debate. Each colour has its distinct appeal and performs diverse functions.

When picking your choice, keep the event, your style, and the cultural context in mind. Whether you choose white for its purity or black for its refinement, both dishdashas or thawbs will allow you to connect with tradition while still expressing your personality.

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