what is the price of a stitched saudi thobe

What's the price of a stitched Saudi thobe?

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A traditional garment of Saudi Arabian attire, the thobe (long-flowing garment), has long been one of the mainstays in male apparel across the region and beyond. Due to its elegance, simplicity and practicality, it remains a popular choice among men across Saudi Arabia as well as further afield - but for those unfamiliar with them there can often be questions regarding cost: "What's the price of a stitched Saudi thobe?"

New Arabia, one of the leading retailers of Thobes UK, presents this blog post discussing Saudi thobe pricing. We'll examine various factors which affect cost as a helpful guide during your purchase decision. 

The Fabric Factor: Understanding Material Quality

Fabric selection plays an integral part in the pricing. Here is a breakdown of some common materials and their respective price points for making a thobe:

  • Polyester Thobes: They offer budget-conscious individuals comfort without breaking the bank, yet may lack breathability or drape as natural fabrics would.
  • Cotton: Popular due to their breathability and comfort, cotton thobes come in various weaves such as Egyptian or Najdi cotton weaves; the finer the weave will increase in price.
  • Silk: Luxurious yet lightweight silk thobes make elegant statements when worn for formal events, reflecting their superior quality and justifying their higher price point.
  • Wool: Ideal for colder climates, wool thobes provide both warmth and an eye-catching aesthetic, typically coming in between cotton and silk in terms of price.

Stitching: Handcrafted Versus Machine-Made

One factor influencing price when considering handcraft vs. machine stitching options is the stitching method; here is an in-depth comparison:

Hand-stitched Thobes

Expert tailors craft these exquisite garments by hand stitching every detail for a matchless and superior fit. Their intricate details and time investment contribute to higher prices due to hand stitching's delicate process and attention-to-detail process.

Machine-stitched Thobes

Machine-made thobes offer more economical clothing solutions while upholding an acceptable standard of quality; making them suitable for everyday wear.

Design Details: Embellishments and Extras

The presence of design features such as embroidery, gold detailing or intricate collarwork can have a major effect on pricing; an article of clothing featuring minimal embellishments (such as embroidery) will often cost less. For example: an expensive model might come complete with intricate stitched designs and luxurious buttons whereas one featuring less elaborate embellishments will likely cost less.

Finding Your Ideal Throbe: Tailoring Considerations

Wearing an expertly tailored thobe enhances any ensemble. While standard sizes exist for some retailers like New Arabia's collection of thobes, tailoring services offer custom fits if required - typically adding costs but worth investing in for maximum comfort and style!

A Guide to Saudi Thobe Pricing 

Here is an approximate range for Saudi thobe prices; this can differ based on several factors mentioned earlier: 

  • Mid-Range Thobes (Cotton, Machine-Made): SAR 300 to SAR 700 (approximately PS60 to PS140). 
  • Premium Thobes (Fine Cotton Hand Stitched), from approximately SAR 700 up to and including 1500 (roughly PS140 -300). 
  • Luxury Silk Stitched Hand-stitched Thobes: From 1500 on up (PS300+).

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Thobe that Fits You

What's the price of a stitched Saudi thobe? - Ultimately, choosing a Saudi thobe depends upon both personal preferences and budget considerations. Reviewing and taking into account these various elements discussed above, will allow for informed decision-making that complements both style and needs in an ideal thobe selection process!

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