What is the difference between Turkish and Arabian Oud?

What is the difference between Turkish and Arabian Oud?

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Oud perfume stands out among exquisite fragrances as an eternal and captivating essence, hailing from its home country of the Middle East and treasured for its distinct, rich scent for generations. Yet when it comes to Oud fragrances it's essential to recognize subtle yet significant variations between Turkish and Arabian varieties. This blog post will discuss “What is the difference between Turkish and Arabian Oud” and what are its distinct characteristics that set them apart!

Oud Origins

Both Turkish and Arabian Ouds share their source material: resin harvested from Agarwood trees - more popularly referred to as liquid gold - extracted through a painstaking process from its heartwood. Attributes such as location, climate and soil conditions play a role in creating unique aromatic profiles in Oud aroma.

Turkish Elegance

1. Geographical Influences

Turkish Oud is appreciated for its elegance and refinement, reflecting the distinct traits of the Anatolian region in Turkey. Climate and soil conditions help contribute to its delicate scent; with Turkish Oud often boasting lighter citrus top notes which creates a refreshing experience for users.

2. Production Process

Traditional Turkish Oud production takes a unique artisanal approach. Craftspeople in Turkey employ time-honoured methods for extracting its essence, producing fragrance that captures its native landscape and culture. Often this involves crafting balanced compositions where floral and herbal notes combine effortlessly with its abundant Oud base.

Attraction to Arabian Oud

1. Rich Cultural Heritage

Arabian Oud is deeply interwoven into Middle Eastern culture. From Arabian perfumery's longstanding heritage and longstanding crafting techniques for Oud in this region to its lavish warmth and complexity that reflect arid landscapes as well as centuries of craftsmanship - Arabian Oud holds an inextricable connection with the cultural legacy of this region.

2. An Intense and Complex Bouquet

Producing Arabian Oud is a meticulous process, leading to more intricate fragrance profiles. Characterised by deeper resinous base notes and more intense aromatic qualities than its Turkish counterpart, Arabian Oud produces its scent more slowly but lingers warmly like none other; recalling memories of Arabian nights while transporting you away into another timezone.

Finding an Oud that Suits You

Finding an Oud fragrance that embodies your style is a journey worth relishing, and New Arabia is here to assist with that search! Our extensive collection of Turkish and Arabian Oud perfumes offers something to fit everyone. With multiple options on the website, browse and find what scent best meets your preferences - be it the refined elegance of Turkish Oud or the lavish allure of Arabian Oud!

Final Thoughts

After knowing what is the difference between Turkish and Arabian Oud, differ through subtle nuances that define each variety uniquely. From the refined elegance of Turkish Oud to Arabian's seductive allure, each offers an unforgettable sensorial journey into time and tradition. Allow New Arabia to transport you on its journey and transport you away into distant lands where ancient traditions meet modern sensibilities!

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