Thobes Measurement Guidance

Thobes Measurement Guidance

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A timeless garment, the thobe represents Middle Eastern heritage and elegance with timeless charm. To understand how to take measurements for a thobe, you must find your ideal fitting size and complement your identity as best possible. Taking size accurately is vital for an optimal experience and long-term comfort. This article presents the best method to take the measurements for full-length dresses for men and children of all ages. 

Based in the United Kingdom, New Arabia provides a detailed explanation of how to take measurements for men's thobe and a diverse array of casual, semi-formal, and luxurious attires that symbolise an elegant integration of foundational traditions and contemporary style.

Crafted with immense love to reflect the Middle Eastern cultural heritage while offering comfort and contemporary fit, our collection offers classic white tobes, Moroccan thobes and more innovative interpretations to provide clothing choices suitable for all occasions, formal events, and casual gatherings. Here, you'll quickly find modest masculine clothes that fit flawlessly and exude timeless charm. All you need to know is how to take measurements for a thobe.

Significance of Precise Clothing Estimates

Knowing how to take measurements for a thobe without visiting any thobes shop is essential. While an accurately measured outfit enhances your physical appearance and boosts your confidence, it also ensures a drape that complements your body shape beautifully – whether for formal events or casual outings. Taking time to ensure accurate size will guarantee that your garment embodies both personal style and its traditional charm.

How to Take Measurements for a Thobe?- Guide

Every inch of size counts towards creating a personalised dressing experience that highlights your beauty while speaking volumes about who you are as an individual. By learning how to take measurements for a thobe and perform the task accurately, you aren't just wearing something; instead, you embody rich traditions and cultural pride while simultaneously adding modern elegance. Master this fabulous art and experience how this transformation improves your appearance and increases self-esteem!

Gather Necessary Tools:

To take accurate size, the proper equipment includes a measuring tape and help from another individual for error-free accuracy.

Measure Chest and Shoulders:

Wrap the measuring tape snugly around the widest part of your chest while ensuring not to stretch too tight before measuring from shoulder to shoulder across your back for shoulder width.

Establishing Thobe Length:

Take size from your highest shoulder point down to where the desired end of the thobe should end; this measurement determines its length.

Measure Sleeve Length:

Extend your arm slightly and measure from shoulder seam to wrist to get an approximate measurement for sleeve length.

Calculating Collar Size:

Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your neck with enough room for comfort to determine its diameter, then take measurements accordingly – the resulting number determines your collar size.

Waist and Hip Measurements:

For tailored fitting, take your waist size at its narrowest point and hip size from its most comprehensive parts.

Features of Accurate Thobe Measurements

The following features  guide you for accurate thobe measurements to get the best results: 

 Tailored Fit

Accurate measurements allow us to create tailored fit solutions, offering optimal appearance and comfort.

Increased Confidence

Wearing an appropriately fitting outfit will boost your confidence, enabling you to symbolise royalty with perfection.

Comfortable Wear

With proper size taken into consideration, properly fitting thobes offer comfort and mobility without restricting movement or inhibiting the freedom of the joint.

Enhanced Appearance

An impeccably tailored outfit highlights your silhouette and style for maximum impact.

Versatile Styling

Accurate-fitted clothes adorn your personality with versatility so you can carry any dress effortlessly to any event or occasion.


Knowing how to take measurements for a thobe is an invaluable skill that ensures it fits beautifully and complements your look, not only physically but also culturally. Accurate size allows you to embody the elegance and culture of a nation that also promotes friendly associations worldwide.

New Arabia offers an in-depth guide for measuring sizes and guidance in creating one explicitly tailored to your perfect body shapes and preferred styles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I measure myself for a thobe, or will assistance be needed?
  • While self-measuring may be possible, having someone assist will ensure more accurate shoulder and back measures.

  • Do thobe measurements differ from clothing measurements?
  • Due to its loose and flowy style, thobe measurements require special care to provide accurate results. To measure it, you must use an official measuring guide for this garment for precise results.

  • What can I do if my measurements fall between sizes?
  • It is generally wiser to opt for the larger size to ensure an ideal and comfortable fit.


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