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Thobe, Where It Came From? And Why You Need One Today

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Welcome to Newarabia, your go-to destination for designer Arabian clothing in the UK, where we blend tradition with style. Today, we explore the history and evolution of one of our signature items—the Thobe.

The History and Evolution of the Thobe

The Origins of the Thobe

The Thobe, also known as Thawb, is steeped in history, tracing back centuries to the Arabian Peninsula. Originally a simple, loose garment designed to protect the wearer from the harsh desert climate, the Thobe has evolved, standing as a symbol of elegance, comfort, and cultural pride.

The Thobe in Religion and Society

Despite popular belief, the Thobe is not inherently a religious garment. However, its modest design aligns well with Islamic teachings, promoting decency and humility. In this sense, the Thobe embodies these teachings, making it a popular choice among Muslims. Nonetheless, anyone—Muslim or non-Muslim—can wear a Thobe.

Thobe Variations and Cultural Nuances

While the Thobe and Kandura are both traditional Arabian garments, they vary slightly based on regional nuances. A Kandura, popular in the UAE, often comes with a tassel (tarboosh), while the Thobe may not. Similarly, the meaning of Thobe colours can vary. White is preferred, especially in Saudi Arabia, as it reflects sunlight and keeps the wearer cool. However, other colours may be worn for variety or to denote special occasions.

Wearing the Thobe: Questions and Clarifications

Yes, a white man—or any non-Arab individual—can wear a Thobe. As for what is worn underneath, it usually involves lightweight trousers, which can be found in our trousers collection. And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear Arab clothes even when you are not in the Arab world, such as in Dubai, provided it is worn with respect for the culture.

The Thobe Today: Contemporary Styles and Collections

At Newarabia, we offer an array of stylish and modern Thobes, from our luxurious Linen Moroccan Thobe collection to the elegant Emirati collection and the comfortable Omani Thobe Dishdasha collection. Each collection represents the evolution of the Thobe while honouring its traditional roots.

Exploring Arab Culture Beyond the Thobe

As a brand deeply connected to Arab culture, we appreciate curiosity about it. However, it's essential to understand the cultural and religious guidelines. Non-Muslims cannot enter the sacred city of Mecca, as it is a holy site for Muslims. Bringing a Bible to Saudi Arabia is permissible, though public practice of other religions is restricted. As for smoking, it is allowed, but many public places are smoke-free for health considerations.


The Thobe is more than just a garment—it's a blend of history, culture, and evolving fashion trends. Whether you're interested in embracing traditional Arabian attire or exploring the collections of a Thobe London brand, you're participating in a rich cultural narrative. Visit Newarabia to explore our range and experience this heritage.

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