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Thobe Care: How to Clean Your Thobe

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The thobe is a traditional garment worn by men in many Arab and Muslim cultures. It is a symbol of cultural heritage and represents elegance and modesty. To maintain the its appearance and ensure its longevity, proper cleaning and care are crucial. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and tricks on how to clean your thobe effectively, helping you keep it looking fresh for years to come.


Thobe Care: How to Clean Your Thobe

Taking care involves various aspects, from regular maintenance to handling stains and selecting the right cleaning methods. But before cleaning thobes, the one who want to wear this elegant cloth know about its material. 

1. Understanding Materials

They are made from different materials, including cotton, polyester, blends, linen, and gabardine. It is essential to check the fabric  to determine the appropriate cleaning methods.

a) Cotton Thobes

Cotton is a popular fabric choice due to its comfort and breathability. To clean a cotton thobe, follow these steps:

Turn the thobe inside out to protect the outer layer from potential damage during the washing process. Wash it in cold water with a mild detergent. Use a gentle cycle to minimize friction and prevent excessive wrinkling. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage the fabric. Hang it.

b) Polyester

These are known for their durability and wrinkle-resistant properties. Here are the steps to clean this type of cloths.

Check the specific instructions regarding temperature and washing methods. Turn the thobe inside out to protect the outer surface. Machine wash the thobe in cold or warm water with a mild detergent. Select a gentle cycle to avoid stretching or damaging the fabric. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. Hang it to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

c) Blended Thobes

Blended thobes combine different fabrics to enhance their properties. The most common blend is cotton-polyester. To clean a blended one you can follow these steps:

Follow the instructions as they may vary depending on the fabric composition. Turn it inside out before washing. Use a mild detergent and select an appropriate wash cycle. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Dry it by hanging or using a low-heat tumble drying setting.

d) Linen 

Linen is a luxurious, breathable fabric, ideal for hot climates. However, it wrinkles easily and requires delicate care. Here's how to clean a linen thobe:

Turn it inside out before washing. Use cold water and a gentle cycle for machine washing. Avoid bleach and heavy-duty detergents. 

e) Gabardine

Gabardine is a durable, tightly woven fabric that's resistant to wind and water. It's often made from wool, cotton, or polyester. To care for a gabardine thobe:

Some gabardine thobes require dry cleaning. If machine washing is permitted, turn inside out and wash in cold water using a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents, which can cause discolouration. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron on the reverse side using a low heat setting.


2. Dealing with Stains

Accidents happen, and stains are an unfortunate possibility when wearing a thobe.

a) Food and Beverage Stains

Food and beverage stains are prevalent. However, they may be efficiently cleaned by following the instructions below:

To remove any extra liquid, gently blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel. To dilute the paint:

  1. Rinse the discoloured area with cold water.
  2. Directly apply a tiny quantity of liquid detergent to the colour and gently massage it with your fingers or a soft brush.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the detergent to saturate the cloth.
  4. Wash the thobe according to the care directions on the label.
  5. After washing, inspect the stain. Repeat the procedure or try using a stain remover if the colour remains.


b) Oil and Grease Stains


Oil and grease stains require special attention to remove them effectively. Follow these steps:

Place a fresh cloth or tissue paper over the stain to absorb extra oil or grease. Allow a little talcum powder or cornflour to rest on the colour for a few minutes. Brush off the powder gently, not spreading the discolouration any further. Use a tiny quantity of washing fluid or liquid laundry detergent to remove the stain. Work the detergent into the cloth using your fingertips or a soft brush. 

Can I wash thobe in hot water?

It is generally recommended to wash thobes in cold or lukewarm water to prevent shrinkage or color fading. There are many methods on how to clean the thobes yet washing with the hot water is the best one. 

Should I dry clean my thobe?

Dry cleaning may be suitable for certain types, especially those made from delicate fabrics. consult a professional dry cleaner for guidance.

Can I Iron my thobe?

Ironing is often necessary to remove wrinkles. However, always follow the ironing instructions and use the appropriate heat setting for the fabric.


How often should I clean my thobe?

The frequency of cleaning your thobe depends on how often you wear it and the nature of your activities. As a general guideline, aim to clean it after 2-3 wears to maintain its freshness.

Can I use fabric softener on my thobe?

It is advisable to avoid using fabric softener on thobes, as it can leave a residue that affects the fabric's texture and breathability.

Should I store my thobe folded or hung?

To prevent excessive wrinkling, it is best to hang your thobe in a well-ventilated closet. If space is limited, you can fold it neatly and place it in a drawer, ensuring it is not compressed or exposed to direct sunlight.

Final Verdict about Thobes Cleaning 

By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can effectively clean and care for your thobe, keeping it looking fresh and extending its lifespan. Remember to check specific instructions and always treat stains promptly to avoid permanent damage. With the right care, It will continue to be a cherished garment, representing your cultural heritage for years to come. Check out NewArabia for more information on thobes and traditional Arab culture. By following above instructions you can easily know about how to clean the thobe. 

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