pros and cons of custom made thobes

What are the pros and cons of custom-made thobe online?

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A long, flowing garment known as the thobe is an integral component of Islamic dress for men. Available in various styles and fabrics, its versatility offers both comfort and a sense of occasion - however finding one to meet specific preferences or fit perfectly may prove elusive - that's where custom made online retailers like New Arabia come into their own - offering tailor-made options at unbeatably competitive rates. This blog post will discuss “What are the pros and cons of custom-made thobe online?”

Pros of Custom-Made Thobes Online 

1. Perfect Fit

The perfect fit is one of the major advantages of custom-made thobes online. You provide your measurements, and they tailor specifically for you - eliminating frustrating off-the-rack garments which could either be too baggy or uncomfortable!

2. Personalization

New Arabia offers an assortment of customization options. Select your fabric preference, sleeve length preference, collar style preference and add subtle embroidery for an inimitable personalized touch.

3. Convenience

No longer do shopping trips need to take up too much of your time - with online customization from New Arabia's user-friendly interface, creating your ideal thobe can now happen from within your own home!

4. Wide Selection

Online retailers typically provide access to more fabrics and styles than local stores, giving you more opportunity to find unique choices that reflect your personal aesthetic and find something perfect.

5. Custom-Made Thobes at Competitive Prices

Though custom-made thobes may appear costly, online retailers typically provide much lower pricing compared to tailors. Plus, New Arabia often runs promotions and discounts.

Cons of Custom-Made Thobes Online 

1. No Try-On

As opposed to shopping in person, custom-made thobes cannot be tried on before purchase; this could prove troublesome if there are questions regarding fit or fabric content.

2. Communication Is Key

Proper communication when customizing a thobe online is of utmost importance, especially with New Arabia who offer comprehensive measurement guides and instructions as well as customer service teams if any issues arise during customization process. 

3. Delivery Timing

Since each thobe is custom tailored to you, please expect an extended wait time compared to off-the-rack purchases. Luckily, New Arabia offers clear delivery timelines so you know exactly when you can expect your perfect thobe!

4. Returns May Prove Difficult

Although New Arabia offers a customer-friendly return policy, custom-made thobes may not qualify due to their personalized nature and may therefore not qualify for returns. Please check their return policy prior to placing an order.

Final Thoughts

Finding your ideal thobe needn't be difficult or time consuming! New Arabia offers an assortment of customizable features of Thobes in UK and user-friendly platform, along with its commitment to quality for an easy online thobe shopping experience that you will cherish and remember fondly for years!

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