How to tie kaftan?

How to tie kaftan?

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Kaftan is an ageless icon that represents the cultural community and is classy enough for all the seasons. Gracefully swishing and shimmering, the dress will fulfil the role of a stunning garment which suits both formal and special events! But How to tie kaftan? Mastering the art of tying can get all its full potential and transform a simple dress into an eye-catching ensemble!

Master the Art: Tie a Kaftan Dress

To truly get the charm of a kaftan dress, one must master its tieing. Tying an intricate knot gives any dress an impressive statement look while reflecting individual style; whether seasoned enthusiasts or newcomers, here are the techniques of tying different kinds of kaftans for maximum effect.

The Classic Tie: Easy Elegance for All

Ideal for beginners in kaftan wear, the classic tie provides effortless elegance that flatters everyone. Simply follow these steps for effortless elegance:

  • Slip On Kaftan: Wear it like a dress to ensure proper alignment of side seams.
  • Find the Center: Locate the centre point at the front either using seam markings or visually estimated. 
  • Cross and Tie: Gently cross one side over at waist level before tying them securely together into a knot for extra security and desired drape. Adjust tightness according to desired comfort and desired drapery.
  • Add Accents: Accentuate the look with bold accessories such as an eye-catching belt, statement earrings or vibrant scarves for maximum impact.

Empire Tie for Defined Silhouette

For an effortlessly flattering cinched waist with defined curves, an Empire Tie may be the answer. Follow these steps: 

  • Gather and Tie: Once the excess fabric has gathered around your natural waistline, gather it loosely until its total volume reaches around your ribcage before tying it into place (with or without thread ties).
  • Secure it Twice: Tie a twofold bow or knot securely around a piece of gathered fabric. 
  • Play With It And Accessorize: Adjusting and accessorizing with gathered fabric can further define waist definition and drape; consider accessorizing further by adding a belt or statement necklace as desired for extra flair!

The Bold One-Shoulder Tie: Confident Evening Elegance

Make an entrance with this eye-catching one-shoulder tie designed to express confidence and evening elegance! Follow these steps for this stylish ensemble:

  • Select Your Side: (Exposing Only One Shoulder) Select which shoulder you would like exposed.
  • Gather and Drape: Start by gathering fabric on one side, gathering it over your exposed shoulder and then draping it across.
  • Tie and Secure: To give this look more permanence secure the fabric behind your neck or under your arm before accessorizing.
  • Accessorize With Care: When accessorizing bold looks make sure accessories don't overwhelm it by choosing minimal styles with prominent statements like this bold look!

Relaxed Chic With An Open Front Tie

Perfect for beach days or casual outings, this effortlessly chic style requires no tying whatsoever - making it easier than ever for you to look chic without breaking a sweat! Below's how you can embrace it: 

  • Leave It Open: Forgo any tightening by simply leaving it loose; the Kaftan will flow freely without restrictions from any tie or clasps!
  • Accessorize Strategically: Add flair with smart accessories by adding a thin belt or tying a scarf around your hips for some flair. 
  • Layer It Up: Play around with textures and colours by layering up an additional tank top or camisole underneath for some added variety and dimension.

Experiment Beyond the Basics 

These techniques on “How to tie kaftan?” represent basic kaftan tying techniques; feel free to experiment and create your distinctive styles with these basic steps. Extra tips may include:

  • Play With Knots: Experiment with different knot types such as sailor knots, square knots or simple ribbon ties for an imaginative touch!
  • Celebrate Asymmetry: Experiment with unevenly tying your kaftan for an eye-catching and relaxed appearance.
  • Accessorize creatively: Use scarves, belts and jewellery to complement and personalize the tie you select while adding an individualistic twist.

Set Free Your Inner Fashionista with New Arabia's Stunning Collection of Kaftans

With some simple techniques on “How to tie kaftan?” and some creativity, kaftans can transform from practical cover-ups to showpieces with just a bit of imagination and some creative flare. Remember there are no hard and fast rules - the joy of the kaftan lies in its versatility! Experiment, play around with different styles, and have fun exploring your unique personality through its drape.

At New Arabia, our carefully curated collection offers stunning kaftans in vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics and exquisite designs that can unleash your inner fashionista! Whether timeless elegance is what speaks to you, or contemporary vibes are more your speed - New Arabia has what's necessary to showcase its power - visit us online now and experience New Arabia's magic of Kaftans!

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