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How to Style a Thobe

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The thobe, an iconic Middle Eastern garment, epitomizes cultural tradition while exuding timeless elegance. Boasting versatile designs that accommodate individual tastes while adhering to tradition, its flowing silhouette provides the ideal canvas for personal expression while upholding tradition. If you have been wondering "How can I wear them" or How to style a thobe you are at the right place. Read this guide carefully as we will demonstrate the art of styling thobes with contemporary flair for various occasions - guaranteeing authentic yet modern looks!

The thobe (also referred to as a dishdasha or kandura) has long been an iconic piece of Middle Eastern fashion, providing comfort during warm climates while embodying cultural values through its modest yet elegant appearance. When styling them, remember that you are not just dressing up but honouring tradition while simultaneously expressing yourself.

How to Style a Thobe: Essential Elements

1. Selecting an Appropriate piece:

Choose a thobe that reflects your aesthetic; traditional white Moroccan thobes exude sophistication, while coloured or patterned ones add a contemporary edge. 

2. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

While thinking about How to style a thobe, remember that accessories can add an element of style and elevate any outfit. Try pairing a classic headscarf such as a ghutra or shemagh with the respective colour of your robe for the ideal finishing touch, along with finely crafted watches and elegant belts to complete this ensemble look.

3. Footwear Matters:

When selecting footwear to complement an event or formal gathering, leather sandals offer classic sophistication; Converse sneakers add modernity for informal activities or sports casual looks.

4. Experiment with Layers:

For an elegant yet casual look, layer your outfit with a lightweight jacket or cardigan to achieve depth while staying cosy and comfy. Doing this adds depth while providing comfort as part of a sophisticated ensemble.

5. Tailoring Is Key:

An essential key of how to style a thobe is to make sure it fits you perfectly to achieve optimal appearance and boost confidence. A well-tailored piece adds polish and improves confidence levels when worn correctly.

Elevate Your Traditional Attire with Modern Flair

New Arabia provides an assortment of thobes spanning classic white to contemporary designs to provide you with an ideal canvas to showcase your distinctive fashion sense. Style yourself, not for the looks alone but to show your culture, embrace elegance, and reflect personal development through fashion. Emirati thobes can be one of the best options. Through everything you wear, you are creating an unforgettable story. So whether attending an official gathering, informal party, or special celebration, embrace its grace while showing your styling prowess through!

1. Modern Cultural Fusion:

Wearing a thobe allows you to blend cultural heritage and modern fashion, creating a stylish combination that shows who you are through a blend of tradition and modernity.

2. Fit for Any Occasion:

Thobes can be worn to formal events, casual outings and cultural festivities alike - they make an excellent statement piece and can fit seamlessly into every setting

3. Personal Expression:

Styling provides the perfect outlet to showcase your individuality and showcase it through accessories, colours and layers to craft an individualistic look that highlights who you are as an individual.

4. Timeless Elegance:

The timeless design of a thobe ensures your styled look will outlive trends; instead, you are choosing timeless attire to complete it.

5. Cross-Cultural Appeal:

The timeless charm and versatility have given it cross-cultural recognition worldwide, earning it international praise as attire of appreciation and admiration.


Q1: How to style a thobe for casual outings?

A1: To achieve casual looks when styling thobes for informal gatherings, pair them with comfortable footwear and select lighter accessories such as necklaces.

Q2: Is It Appropriate To Add Contemporary Elements To Traditional Thobe Looks?

A2: Absolutely; mixing contemporary accessories and layers into traditional looks can create a chic yet balanced ensemble.

Q3: Are certain colours of thobes more versatile for styling?

A3: While traditional white thobes provide the most fantastic versatility when it comes to creative styling options, colored ones may also work equally well.

Many people have this in their mind how to style a thobe or “How to accessorize”. Styling it is an art that unites tradition with modern fashion. By exploring all its complexities of accessorizing, layering and color matching techniques you will open up endless opportunities to express yourself creatively through fashion.


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