How to Stitch a Kaftan?

How to Stitch a Kaftan?

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With its full-length flair and elegance, Kaftans have been a traditional demonstration for many women of various nations. Learning how to stitch a kaftan can be an amazing experience if you're into designing your attires. Doing so offers you to tailor the texture, style, and fit to your outfit specs.

To design an outfit for yourself, here's a complete elaboration on how to stitch a kaftan.

Required Materials

The first step is to gather the necessary supplies to stitch a kaftan dress. Fabric (ideally lightweight and breathable, such as cotton, silk, or chiffon), measuring tape, fabric scissors, sewing machine, needles, threads, pins, and optional decorations such as tassels or embroidery threads are required.

Taking Measurements

To begin, take precise measurements. Take measurements of your bust, hips, and length from shoulder to desired hemline. Remember that kaftans are known for their loose, flowing fit, so add a few inches for comfort.

Fabric Reduction

Mark the measurements on the cloth using the tailor's chalk or a washable fabric marker. Cut two similar rectangles for a typical kaftan's front and back panels. Cut two smaller rectangles for sleeves, aligning them with the length of the panels.

Sewing the Panels Together

Arrange the front and back panels so their right sides face each other. Pin the sides and sew straight down the centre, allowing room for armholes. Hem the sides to keep them from fraying.

Adding Sleeves

Align the shorter edges of the sleeves with the sides of the panels to attach the sleeves to the main panels. Sew them together and hem the sleeves for a finished look.

Neckline Design

Mark the middle of the fabric's width and cut a semi-circle or V-shape as desired to construct the neckline. Ensure it is wide enough to be comfortable but not so wide that it slips off the shoulders.


Hem all raw edges, including the neckline, sides, and bottom hem, neatly. For a more professional effect, use a single or double-fold hem.

Finishing Touches

It is time to add personal touches when the fundamental stitches are complete. Add accessories like tassels, embroidery, or fabric paint to your kaftan to improve its appearance.

Adjustments and Fitting

Try on the kaftan to see how it fits. At this point, make any necessary modifications, taking in or letting out seams as needed for a great fit and comfort.

Finishing Details

Use an iron to smooth out creases and guarantee neat lines on your kaftan. To get a polished look, trim any loose threads.

The Bottom Line

Understanding how to stitch a kaftan is an enjoyable and artistic experience. You can create stunning clothing that expresses your style and personality with the correct materials, proportions, and sewing skills. New Arabia experiments with various fabrics, colours, and decorations to create exquisite outfits to cater to your individualised preferences so you can wear them on different occasions.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep going if your first try is imperfect. Embrace the technique, enjoy the adventure, and you will soon be easily sewing lovely kaftans!

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