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How to Iron a Thobe?

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Practicing how to iron a thobe ensures that your dress is thoroughly pressed and all the wrinkles have been removed. Thobes are cultural garments of Middle Eastern men that signify their remarkable tradition and symbolize the royalty of the Arabian kingdom.

Pressing your clothes maintains the modest yet elegant appearance of the outfits and ensures that you’re dressed well for whatever event or occasion you attend. It is crucial to iron your clothes in a way that doesn’t ruin their colors or embellishments, if any. Moreover, the heat adjustment feature of the iron machines plays a pivotal role in uplifting the overall emergency look of your attire.

How to Iron a Thobe: A Sequential Guide

Before learning how to iron a thobe, you must acquire knowledge and in-depth insight into the preparations that you must do beforehand that certify an appropriate cloth-pressing process.

Search for the following items and place or fix them in a clean room to learn how to iron a thobe:

  • A high-quality steam-iron
  • A sturdy table-top iron board
  • Distilled water (to pour in iron and create steam)
  • A clean white cotton cloth
  • A hanger or a spacious cloth-hanging rack

In addition, it is recommended to go through the labels and tags of your new clothes instead of throwing them away. These labels of your latest outfits contain all the necessary information to memorize. If you need help, keep them safe instead of discarding them or capturing their picture. This way, you can secure the information in both hardcopy and virtual copies.

Steps to Iron a Thobe

Learning how to iron a thobe is paramount to protecting the quality of the fabric. However, these long tunics sometimes appear as delicate and modest clothing, but this delicacy doesn’t neglect the importance of ensuring its proper pressing. Regardless of the casualty or formality of the dress, it is essential to ensure that the excessive heat of iron doesn’t ruin your outfit by fading its color or burning a portion away.

  • Prepare the Iron Table
  • Start by checking if your iron board is fixed in a position as shaky and clumsy dress-pressing stations increase the likelihood of mishaps, such as falling off a hot iron machine on the floor may injure or burn your feet, set ablaze the carpet, or cause brownish hues and discoloration on the table,

    Steam irons can be used without the addition of distilled water. However, it is recommended to pour clean water in the respective slot so it produces steam while you’re ironing the attire. A thobe pressed with steam is relatively more effective in removing wrinkles and uplifting elegance.

  • Appropriately Executing the Pressing Machine
  • Make sure the iron is switched off while pouring distilled water into the steam slot of the iron. Dry your hands and plug in the machine. It is recommended to go through the manual or guidebook of the steam press so you can execute its appropriate function.

    The thermostat of the iron is dependent on the type of fabric you’ll be wearing. A low temperature is set for delicate fabrics, such as silk or synthetic blends, and a higher temperature for thicker materials, such as linen and cotton. If you’re doubtful about the intensity of the temperature, start with the lowest range and gradually increase until you feel that the attire is being pressed efficiently.

  • Turn the Thobe Inside Out
  • Typically, the tobe-like tunics are sober, plain, and monochromatic, but if they’re decorated with embroideries or embellishments, turn the outfit inside out to prevent them from damage.

  • Collar and Cuffs
  • This is the step where you’ll start ironing the clothes. Begin with the collar, lay it flat on the board, and gently move the steam iron upward. To remove the wrinkles of the cuffs, use the thin sharp edge of the iron to reach such small spaces.

  • Sleeves and Shoulders
  • After you’re done with the collar and cuffs, lay one sleeve flat on the surface and start gliding the iron across it till all the wrinkles are removed. Repeat the same procedure with the other sleeve.

  • Tobe’s Front and Back Sides
  • Smooth out all the wrinkles on the front and then on the back panels of the thobe. Move the iron in a downward motion following the patterns of the tobe. Carefully glide the iron around buttons or decorative elements stitched in the fabric.

  • Finishing Touch and Storage
  • Once you’re done ironing the thawb, place or hang it and allow it to cool completely before wearing or storing it in a cool and dry place – away from sun rays.


    Learning how to iron a thobe requires you to implement all the possible preventive measures, such as ensuring a clean room and iron board free of dirt or residues. These steps guarantee the prolonged quality of your thawbs. From typical to modernized designs for both men and women, New Arabia thobes are available in-store and online for you to wear and style with the utmost elegance on any occasion.

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