Grey Thobes vs Red Thobes

Grey Thobes vs Red Thobes

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The traditional Arabic attire known as thobe worn by men across the Middle East consists of an open, loose-fitting garment constructed from various fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool woven together into an ensemble garment that falls loosely around their body. Grey and red have historically been two popular colours. This blog post by New Arabia, the owner of the vast collection of Thobes in the UK will help you choose between Grey Thobes vs Red Thobes!

The Versatility of Grey Thobes for Casual and Formal Settings

Grey thobes offer versatile wear that works for casual or formal settings alike, providing reliable solutions suitable for many different events and settings. Grey thobes pair beautifully with accessories like sheesha pipes or daggers to provide a harmonious finish for each ensemble.

Make a Statement with Vibrant Red Thobes

Red thobes make an eye-catching statement at weddings or religious ceremonies, adding vibrancy and prominence, especially when accessorized with gold jewellery or embellished sashes.

Selecting Your Thobe

Selecting between a grey thobe and a red thobe depends primarily on what kind of event it will be worn for; grey is best when looking to wear multiple events; but for making an eye-catching impression red stands as the superior option.

Additional Considerations when Selecting Thobe

  • Material: Thobes come in various materials such as cotton, linen and wool to suit different climates and lifestyle preferences. Select your thobe according to climate requirements as well as personal taste for optimal comfort and functionality.
  • Fit: Thobes should provide ample movement while not being excessively baggy, for optimal performance and comfort. Opt for the loosest possible yet comfortable fitting style available.
  • Style: There is an impressive variety of tube styles to choose from when searching for an appropriate tube; plain designs, embroidered options and even those featuring pockets all may fit within this spectrum of options. 

Find one which meets both your aesthetic needs and personal aesthetic preferences!

New Arabia - Your Perfect Thobe Partner

At New Arabia, we have Thobes that are stylish yet comfortable garments suitable for men of any age and occasion. When selecting one for yourself, take into account factors like occasion, material, fit and style when making your selection - there will certainly be one which fits you just perfectly! With such an extensive variety available you are bound to find one which meets all these criteria and more!

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