Designer Thobes for Men

Designer Thobes for Men

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The traditional Arab and Muslim clothing worn by men, the thobe, has come to symbolize elegance and refinement beyond its cultural contexts. At New Arabia, we understand its cultural relevance while offering modern interpretations tailored to suit discerning gentleman's tastes. We offer an exquisite range of designer thobes for men, crafted using only top-grade materials!

From Classic to Contemporary: A Spectrum of Designer Thobes

Designer thobes come in all sorts of styles to cater to different needs and occasions, offering something suitable for every taste and situation. 

  • Formal Thobes: Exuding elegance, these are made of luxurious fabrics often featuring subtle details such as minimal embroidery or contrast stitching making them suitable for formal events and religious ceremonies.
  • Modern Thobes: These feature cutting and silhouette experiments such as slimmer fit, playful color combinations, and texturized fabrics - ideal for men wanting an eye-catching yet classic style. 
  • Casual Thobes: These are created for everyday comfort, prioritizing breathability and movement ease. 

Beyond Fabric: Elements to Take into Account

Consider these factors when searching for a designer thobe:

  • Fabric: Breathable cotton or linen fabrics work best in warmer environments while luxurious materials like silk can enhance formal events.
  • Fit: Loose-fitting garments typically look best, make sure it does not appear baggy or restrict movement by having one custom-made.
  • Design Details: From subtle embroidery to eye-catching trims, design details can add a personal touch to your thobe. 
  • Color Options: Traditional white thobes remain classic; however, designer thobes offer more versatility with muted tones or bolder choices.

Timeless Appeal of New Arabia's Thobe Collections

New Arabia knows the importance of having clothing that fits perfectly for comfort and confidence, which is why tailoring services are offered so your thobe fits flawlessly. Plus, some pieces come equipped with customization features if that personalization option appeals.

Preserving Tradition: Cotton Moroccan Thobe Collection

Our Cotton Moroccan Thobe Collection exudes timeless appeal, perfect for everyday use as well as formal occasions. Fashioned from luxurious yet breathable cotton fiber, these timeless and comfortable garments provide exceptional comfort and elegant draping for elegantly timeless and polished appearances. Select classic colors such as pure white or subtle grey hues from this selection for timeless beauty and effortless dressing!

Indulge in Luxury with the Linen Moroccan Thobe Collection 

Indulge in the luxurious and comfortable pure high-grade linen collection that is perfect for warmer environments. The linen's natural texture adds sophistication to any outfit. The Premium Linen Moroccan Thobe Collection is perfect for a gentleman who appreciates finer things. It features exquisite, hand-woven linen fabric that exudes understated glamour, and subtle sheen fabric that adds glamour to any look.

Experience the New Arabia Difference

New Arabia takes great pleasure in providing its customers with designer thobes for men that honor both traditional and contemporary styles, providing our diverse collection with something suitable to complete your wardrobe and express your sense of style! Check out the best designer thobes in the UK!

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