collar thobes vs non collar thobes

Collar Thobes Vs Non Collar Thobes

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The thobe, an iconic garment rich with tradition and worn by men across the Arab, adorns their bodies as an embodiment of culture and faith - more than mere clothing! Regional variations reflect specific styles. Today we look closer at its most intriguing detail - its collar - exploring whether its presence or absence contributes to shaping its unique character - Collar Thobes Vs Non-Collar Thobes, which one is the best?

Collared Thobes: Elegance Meet Sophistication 

Collared thobes can often be found sporting either a stand-up collar or button-down option and are commonly worn throughout Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf nations. Their collar adds formality and structure for religious gatherings or formal meetings such as prayer services in grand mosques - the uniform lines exuding an air of quiet reverence is only made more evident! 

Stop by NewArabia's Thobes Shop for our selection of collared thobes made with luxurious fabrics suitable for such formal events!

Non-Collared Thobes: Perfect for Casual Comfort

Non-collared thobes offer casual comfort with their clean neckline and sometimes decorative tassel. Popular among men in UAE, Oman, and other areas known for relaxed beachy lifestyles; non-collared thobes' lack of collar creates a more informal silhouette ideal for daily wear or social gatherings with friends - picture men in non-collared thobes effortlessly making their way through busy marketplaces; their garment a mirroring their easeful mannerism!

Choosing Your Thobe: A Matter of Occasion and Style


Collar Thobes

Non-Collar Thobes

Collar Style

Stand-up collar or button-down collar

No collar, sometimes with a tassel

Popular Regions

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Gulf Countries

UAE, Oman


Formal, structured

Casual, relaxed


Religious occasions, formal gatherings

Everyday wear, social gatherings

Cultural Significance

Associated with reverence and decorum

Associated with relaxed and beachy vibes

Fabric Choices

Often luxurious fabrics (silk, fine cotton)



Less common

May be present

Consider your occasion. When dressing appropriately for formal events, collared thobes exude decorum while casual outings call for non-collared options that provide more relaxed attire. Personal taste also plays a big part; NewArabia provides both collared and non-collared styles so that you can express your sense of style through fashion.

Beyond the Collar: Celebrating Thobe Diversity

Thobes are much more than collared garments! Find out the vibrant colors and intricate embroidery unique to Moroccan thobes by browsing the NewArabia Moroccan Thobes section. Fabric weight to pocket inclusion - every detail adds another strand to its intricate tapestry!

No matter if it's worn collared or non-collared, the thobe remains an iconic representation of Arab culture and traditions. Let NewArabia guide your style through our Thobe Shop today and help you find one that matches up perfectly to tell your tale!

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