Can I wear Thobes on Eid Ul Fitr?

Can I wear Thobes on Eid Ul Fitr?

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Eid ul-Fitr is the festive culmination of Ramadan and ushers in moments of togetherness, delicious feasts and elegant attire. Many Muslim men opt for wearing the traditional attire of Eid in celebrations, with the thobe being most commonly chosen among them. Yet some questions “Can I wear Thobes on Eid Ul Fitr?”—the definitive answer being "yes!"

Thobes (also referred to as dishdashas or jubbas) epitomize the spirit and culture of Islamic cultures worldwide. These flowing ankle-length robes combine comfort with sophistication while adhering to modesty integral to Islamic attire. At New Arabia, as one of the top online purveyors of Islamic garments in the UK, we recognize its significance when selecting appropriate attire for Eid celebrations.

Why Purchase a Thobe for Eid ul Fitr?

Thobes make Eid celebrations unforgettable for several reasons:

  • Tradition: Thobes have long been associated with Islamic heritage. Wearing this attire fosters an important tie to traditions while heightening festive festivities.
  • Versatility: Thobes provide the perfect canvas for personal expression without jeopardizing Eid's religious significance. From classic white styles with intricate embroidery or contemporary silhouettes, there is bound to be one perfect for your Eid celebrations!
  • Comfort: Crafted from lightweight yet breathable materials, thobes offer optimal comfort during Eid festivities in hotter environments. Their loose silhouette enables easy movement that lets revellers fully take part in all of the day's revelries without restriction or restriction to movement.
  • Modesty: Thobes embody Islamic attire's commitment to modesty with long sleeves and floor-grazing hemlines that offer complete coverage, in keeping with Islamic dressing principles of modest dressing.

Selecting the Ideal Thobe For Eid

With all of the thobe options available today, finding one suitable for Eid can seem intimidating. Here are key pointers that may help make the decision simpler:

  • Fabric: Cotton or linen fabrics provide breathability in warmer environments and should be chosen for Eid festivities as they provide maximum comfort and breathability. New Arabia offers an assortment of premium fabric thobes designed specifically to keep you cool throughout your festivities.
  • Colour Options for Eid Thobes: Although white remains the go-to hue for Eid thobes, light grey or cream hues also work nicely. Consider pieces featuring subtle embroidery or decorative detailing for added festive flair.
  • Fit: To achieve optimal thobe wearability, New Arabia offers a size guide with tailored options available for personalized customization of their thobe. When looking for your ideal fitting thobe, utilize its size guide!

New Arabia Is Your Go-To for Eid Style Inspiration

New Arabia offers an extensive collection of styles, colours and fabrics tailored specifically for Eid attire to meet every preference and budget. To help get you looking your best this Eid, here is some outfit inspiration:

  • Classic Sophistication: Display timeless elegance by donning an impeccable white cotton thobe paired with matching leather sandals, matching kufi, and leather clogs to achieve timeless sophistication.
  • Contemporary Charm: For an attractive modern flair, explore thobes with subtle embroidery or contrast stitching and pair them with vibrant kufiahs and sleek dress shoes to complete the ensemble.
  • Festive Flair: For an eye-catching festive flourish, choose a light grey or cream thobe and pair it with an ornate vest adorned with colourful embroidery or shoulder embellishments for an added celebratory note.

Final Thoughts

No matter your style preference, New Arabia has something perfect to enhance Eid celebrations. Check our extensive online catalogue or visit one of our Thobes UK stores, and you will surely find your ideal Eid ensemble. 

Happy Eid Mubarak from all of us at New Arabia!

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