Best Thobes To Buy in UK

Best Thobes To Buy in UK

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The thobe, an Islamic garment worn loose-fitting and long, has long been an integral component of Islamic dress. Recently it has gained increasing popularity across Europe, and with that comes more diversity when selecting your perfect piece. However, choosing the Best Thobes To Buy in UK between all its fabrics, styles and occasions may feel daunting! 

Finding Your Best Fit in UK

The first step to finding your ideal thobe is understanding its various elements will have on your experience. Here are three considerations:

1. Fabric

  • Cotton: Ideal for everyday wear in warmer environments, offering lasting comfort. 
  • Linen: Similar breathability to cotton, but with an exquisite feel. 
  • Wool Blends: Perfect for colder climates, providing warmth and comfort.

2. Style

  • Omani Thobes feature a simple collared design with cufflinks for a chic and functional look.
  • Emirati Thobes come in thick fabrics with intricate embroidery for an extravagant appearance.
  • Moroccan Thobes offer vibrant hues and intricate embellishments, making a powerful statement.

3. Occasion

Your choice will also depend upon its intended use and can impact how formal or casual a Moroccan-inspired thobe may appear to you. A basic cotton or linen thobe might make for suitable everyday wear while more elaborate options like cashmere may prove better suitable at formal gatherings or special events. 

Top 6 Thobes From New Arabia

Here are New Arabia's 6 recommended Best Thobes To Buy in UK that might inspire your choice!

  • Shiny Jahwara Moroccan Thobe: Crafted with luxurious Jahwara fabric, this stunningly shiny Moroccan-style thobe features exquisite embroidery that's certain to turn heads at special events and make an impressionful first impression. Perfect for special events and guaranteed to turn heads!
  • Hooded Cashmere Moroccan Thobe: Slip into absolute comfort and warmth with this cashmere thobe from Morocco. It features an eye-catching hooded design to provide casual flair; making this piece suitable for colder temperatures or creating an easygoing vibe.
  • The Essential Moroccan Thobe: An evergreen classic, this timeless Moroccan Thobe features clean lines and an unassuming design; making it suitable for daywear or layering up! It makes a wonderful statement piece.
  • Sousdi Djellaba Over Piece: Add an elegant layer to your thobe with this traditional Djellaba overcoat from Sousdi. Browse its rich cultural heritage while reaping additional warmth during colder months.
  • Premium Emirati Thobes: New Arabia offers an assortment of premium Emirati thobes crafted with thick fabrics and exquisite embroidery for those seeking luxurious styles. Check out their commitment to exceptional materials and craftsmanship and find your thobe today.
  • Lightweight Hooded Moroccan Djellaba: Keep cool in style this summer with this lightweight yet breathable djellaba that features additional sun protection thanks to its hooded design - ideal for summer wear or an effortless laidback style!
  • Final Thoughts

    Thobes offers an endless variety of styles and options. By following our guide and shopping New Arabia's selection, you are certain to find the Best Thobes To Buy in UK that perfectly embodies both your needs and personal style. Visit the Thobe Shop today to begin the adventure of searching out that special piece!

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