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A customers honest review.

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Turkish Delight:

The main notes in this fragrance are Damask rose, agarwood (oud), praline and clove. An elegant perfume oil, where the rose accord shines the brightest in the opening and throughout the drydown. It truly opens smelling like a box of fresh Turkish delight. The oud is hinted at in the background but is smooth and not medicinal in any way whatsoever. The praline is detectable on the skin after a few hours. The clove however is stronger and lingers on for a pleasant finish. Overall longevity is 6-7 hours.


This ambery, sweet and resinous perfume oil is magnificent. The top notes are blueberry and anise, which start off the fragrance in a unique way as blueberry is not a widely used note. In the drydown, the honeyed amber really pushes itself onto you. This fragrance is a true gourmand. This really gives the impression of a ‘pilgrim’ on his journey through the orient. The longevity is 8-10 hours.

Amber Cream:

A perfect blend of amber and Turkish rose. This is soft, smooth and perfect for any occasion. The amber feels a touch animalic, but due to the smoothness of the overall oil, it makes it very masculine. This is a very minimal and linear fragrance, yet luxurious. The amber in the drydown has hints of spices, and it is amazing how a perfume with two notes can allow you to embark on such an olfactory journey.

Gentlemen Blend:

This is an elegant, classy and truly gentlemen’s blend of perfume. The notes in this are black pepper, violet leaf, benzoin, patchouli and ambergris. The pepper and violet leaf open up the fragrance, adding spice, but in a fresh and fougere way. After a few hours, the perfume dries down and the benzoin unravels itself on a bed of ambergris. The quality of the ambergris here is almost natural and this smells very niche. The longevity is 5-7 hours.

Violet Oud:

This perfume is smoky, sweet and rosy. The main notes are Damask rose, vanilla and agarwood. The perfume opens with a smoky rose, dominated by vanilla throughout. Luxuriously blended, the vanilla is present in the drydown to the end. This smells like rose-coloured velvet if it was infused with vanilla and fumigated with oud. The oud in this is smooth, blended to complement the vanilla and rose. The longevity of this is between 10-12 hours.


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